Created: 12/17/1983

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//Southroposal to withdraw Its troops from Angola Is an ettort to calm tha coming debate on Angola In the UN and tc reopen Otlaierat negotiations with the Angolan GovemmenuM

essage to tha UN Secretary General on Thursday.Botha proposed to withdrew South African troopsAngola onanuary In exchange for assurancesAngolan, and SWAPO troops would not exploitSouth Africaday "disengagementthat could be extended. Botha stated that Pretoria wasproceed with the Namlblan Independence process, If abe found to the Issue of Cuban troops ki."

//Pretoria has attempted to reopen bhatareJ discussions with

VNegotlallorw. for a

mutual disengagementorceobroke down eerfy this year followingmajor SWAPO

J/Pretorla'a move reflects earfler South African

TOncern that its permanerrt military presence In southern Angola mayrisis In South Africa's dealings with the US. hi addition to calming the Security Council debate, Pretoria hopes to shift the focus from^tsmjltarypresence in Angola lo the Cuban withdrawal Issue.//

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