Created: 4/21/1984

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th* now italian ambassador to bulgariahie government will

eff^jmpranpllcetsd in th* papal asmmlnallon ottompl- he ballavtm

tha avid an oe la too weekonviction. othar italian official* alao asy that antonov will ba brought to trial, but they dlaagre* among themselves about tha outcome, tamer thla month roma and ronembaeaodoni for th* first time sincerrest inb]

comment th* ambassador* comments presumably reflect extenive briefing* before hi* departure tor sofia. afchough tha foreign ministry la nol offlclaty prtvy to the irrvesflgeting magistrate* report. th* megutrate believes th* evidence against arrlonov is sood, but othar government offlciala question wi objectivity in the esse. although the antonov easeontinuing irritant, th* exchange of ambaasndore reflects the desire of both countries to norms)he relations.

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