Created: 4/23/1984

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SRI LANKA-INDIA: Tamil Insurgents Suppressed

Ethnic violence between Sn Lanka's Sinhalese majority and the country's Tamil insurgents has abated since Sri Lanka's new Minister tor National Security returned trom New Delhi last week. Tne minister reported in parliament he had been assured by senior Indian political advisers that New Delhi was committed tonified Sri Lanka. Indian Tamil leaders in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, however, are continuing to call on New Delhi to prepare tor armed intervention in Sri Lanka to proteci Tamil civilians in the event of

Comment: The current lull In communal violence is In response to Colombo's tough new antiterrorism program instituted by the Minister tor National Security. The brutality ot the Army's tactics has alienated even moderate Tamils and increased the likelihoodore extreme round ol ethnic violenco New Delhi has Informed


intervention lo slop further communal DioodsJiodistinct possibility It Presidentcannot maintain low and order.

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