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Points for the DDI

6 Oadhafl's Vulnerabilities


US Governmentumber of options available to applydditional pressure on Qouhafi. 1

most significant preesuro point is thathe Libyan Military in unpopular foreign adventure*.

I -


ampaign to increase pressure* on Libyan in Chadiable option.

Libyan officers werentervention and availble that Chad is still an unpopular

In our forces

posed to Libya'snformation indicates assignment for Libyan officers.

Another option Is highlighting Libyan military assistance to Iran. Public warnings that the us

_fcw imi.i iiingu tnac CUa U5

reserves the right to prevent Libyan officers from travelling to Iran if we believe It is in support oi terrorism, supplemented in appropiate circumstances bv political, military, j -

mlxa naignten discontent in military nding military advisors to Iran

rellow Arabraq.

because ol

more energetic and sustained media campaign by Wash! milemphasizing thatnot the Libyanthe target of recent OS political, military, and economic raeasorei; would undermine Oadhafl's efforts to generate US sentiment to shore up his domestic position.

Oarihafi and hla principal deputy, Abd al-Salam. JalluD, went out of their way to personally refute the remarks




made by the President during his news conforenco asserting that US measures were not aimed people.

Oadhafi has followed up byotacmined domeetic campaign to convince Libyans that the us ia trying to take away their independence.

Increased US focus on Oadhafi personally would demonstrate US conviction that Oadhafi himself is responsible for Libyan lawlessness, putting the lie to his persistent claims that the Libyan peoplo alone

.determine Tripoli's terrorist policies.


A program by Washington to publicly warn Third World governments of the dangers of receiving Libyan delegations would raise the political cost to Tripoli of its diplomatic and subversive activity. rogram would highlight the fact that such delegations often Include Libyan intelligoncn and terrorist operatives and are used to develop contacts with local dissidents.

a travel advisory for countries where larqo Libyan delegations visit probably would embarrass Oadhafi and may prompt the host government to limit their contact with the Libyans.

- Additional measures the US could take to make itifficult for Libyans to travel to Third Worldnclude singling out the groups or individuals the

Libyans meet with and publicly questioningolitical affiliations.

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