Created: 12/1/1986

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(Phonetic: eoGOOZ)

Ambassador to the Untied States (Shee

Addressed as: Mr. Ambassador

Karl-iBond, onoe Zaire' dissident1-

The assignment to Washington ofi-Bond. once Zaire'* most prominent exiled

apable and experienced diplomat, will be an active and persuasive advocate, despite his previous opposition to the regime of President Mobutu Scse Seko (which be argues was meant as constructive criticism of institutions ratherersonalguz and Mobutuighly publicized reconciliation in. bul Nguz probably remains politically vulnerable.

Nguz. degree in political science from tbe Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium.e served at the Permanent Mission to the UN, and he was subsequently assigned as Permanent Representative to the UN European Office in Geneva. He has held the Foreign Affairs portfolio three% His career was interrupted7 when be was charged with treason for allegedly concealing information about the invasion of the Shaba region earlier that year. He was tried and sentenced to death,internationalcommuted bis sentence to life imprisonment and later pardoned him. Nguz was named First State Commissioner (Prime Minister) in0 and held that position until political differences with Mobutu drove him into exile inrom then5 bearsh critic of tbe Mobutu government, drawing international attention with his charges of high-level corruption, financial mismanagement, and human rights abuses.


the author of

books; his most recent, Un Avenir pour le Zaire, examines political, economic, and social institutions. Born in Shaba Province. Nguzephew of the late Primeoise Tshombc.

addition to several tribalwice, he has eight children I


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