Created: 7/27/1998

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Mr. Mark S. Zaid, Esq...

Reference: 6 (Civil Action

Thisinal response to tho8 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request you submitted on behalf of your client, Ms. Arianna Huffington, for information pertaining to Ambassador Maurice Larry [and] Sheila Davis Lawrence[.] Your request was processed in accordance with the, as amended, and the CIA Information Act,. Our processingearch for all records pertaining to the Lawrences in existence as of and through the date of our acceptance letter

horough search of our records, we were able to locateesponsive documents. able datedan be released in segregable form with deletions made on the basis of Freedom of Information Act Exemption Please note that the information contained in this document, which originated with the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, is, or may be, copyrightedumber of countries. Therefore, copying and/or further disseminating the document is expressly prohibited without obtaining the permission of the copyright opy of the document as approved for release and an explanation of the applicable FOIA exemption are enclosed.

hroughre records that were not originated by the CIA. This material appears to be relevant to your request and has been referred to its originating agency for review and direct response to you.

The CIA official responsible for this determination is Lee S. Strickland. Information and Privacy Coordinator. You have che right to appeal this decision by addressing your appeal to the Agency Release Panel, withinays from the date of this letter, in my care. Should you decide to do this, please explain the basis of your appeal.



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