Created: 5/22/1999

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Leading Development

Terrorism Intensifying in East TimorF)

holding mereiimcrescTTT several camps

inadequate food, water, shelter, and medical care, some camps are located at military installations, suggesting Army collusion.

Most of those in die camps are women and children fleeing violence in their villages,umber are family members of independence supporters. Some women claim they have been sexually assaulted.

prnintegiatiorJsts say aete mCU CftCUifi6o5 aicto "dr-msing" operations directed against independence supporters.

Tho US defense attache says the armed forces appear to have only limited control over the more aggressive militias, whose violent attacks are undermining Jakarta's commitment to thr safety of UN officials in the

he saw one

UN Mission

militia uiuT lasTwcegaTmcif nuuscsuiLnii mmiu Mgnr members and journalists; tbe military arrivedinutes later and did not intervene

(Foreign Minister Alatas this

inii-iin- fi ice di-.Mi.ulr Trt- kicW nf one of the more

violent militias from targeting UN personnel but admitted"Guarantees

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