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Terrorism Re>i


Focus: Reducing Syrian Support for Terrorism: Mixed Performance.1

Coumttlmochi Crnler

Terroristeek BehinrJ lhe Shroud of Secrecy


Xrifr reviewIs published'biweekly by iht Directorate of Intelligence. Other elements of Ihe CIA as well as other agencies of the US Intelligence Community are encouraged to submit articles for publication CommentsAireeMd to the Executive Edilorg^^

Nryrru llt-i



Reducing Syrian Support for Tenc/mm: Mi*ed pert.

has diamaiicaily lowered iu piofile in international terrorism since US and European Community sanctions were imposed innd il hai not been implicated In any sets of terrorism in Western Europe sinceho decline in terrorist attacks indicates Ihe client of Syria'i leverage over thc groupa it becksoubt that Syria will become elirectly involved in terroriim outside tbe Middle East in the near term, several incidents carried out7 byupported groups indicaie Dioiwuipursue its regional poliiical igendauerrilla and y

Dimascua interprets the lifting of Western sanctions as an indication ll has successfully weathered the storm of condemnation over lis involvement Interrorism, "therefore, we believe Syria calculates il can resume violent attacks against Israel, particularly within iu traditional aphere of operations in lhe region. The Palestinian hang-glider attack againsi an Israeli miliury outpost in late7 rs tbe most recent and dramatic example that Syria continues to sanction operations against Israel and iu lunogates Damascus has sought to avoid charges that il sponsors international terrorism by insisting7 attacks ate legitimately pen of struggles foe national liberation. Israeli retribution, even against Syrian targets, it likely to hive only marginal anduceres ia curbing Syrian involvement ia these types of^

Rerfrwlng the SI* Steps .

Inollowing tbe trials of Syrian-sponsored lerrorisund on and West Berlin, llio United Slates recommended six steps Syria could take lo demonstrate iu willingness to disengage from tenor ism. |



Significant Development*

Action Dlrectr Supporter's Middle Eastern Contacts

The French internal lecurity service (DST1 rearrested French radical Frederic OUch. an associate of lhe former terrorist group Action Direcle. and chined him on7 wiih "association wiih criminals connectederrorist, undertaking" DSTeflwing Iranian opposition leader. Muna Sbipur. revealed pUnsJor lerrorist |ctivity in France aad incUded many references to Or*


i no

In laterench police internuncio roe men in nsilitary^tyse csotbea who were placing explosive* outside French Government offices In downtown Paris. The men fled, leavingetonator and fuse, but no eiplceives. Thc device was to be triggered by an dectronic garage-door

ANO Trial Opens

In mid-December lhe (rial of Ibrahim Mohammed Khalid. aha Muhammad' Abdullah Sarbam. lbc sole sumnng tesrarat of lbc Abu Nidal oecamialion'a (ANO) allaca at Rome airport iapenedourtroom inside ao Italian maximum securityour ANO terrorists, includiag Khalid, attacked tbc El Al ticket counter ai tbc Rome airport with grenades andoniUingersons and woundingthers The attach, one of tbe bloodiest Palestinian assaults ever In Europe, coincidedimilar aciion by three ANO gunmen at Vienna airport ihat killed two persons and


Khalid was present al the opening session. interrupting the proceedings on several occasions. He declared he still believed in "armed struggle" but regretted the loss of Italian lives during the ternwisl incident. The defendant declined to appear en tbe second day of his trial. He submitted two ktlers in which he slated he would appear in court only if lhe Israeli security officials at the airport were also brought to trial, He wrote thai he looked forward solely to death. Tt resume in mid-Jsnoar



persons died in Ihcsectarian violencepfrontrnrjhgwenivilians anderl icemen or toldKn. Thc Provisional IAmy (F'IKA) ii believed responsible fee at leaneaths, andProtcataal groupss peeled iseaths.R AbUed. aad IJ members of ibe Iris* National LiberationLA)aa internalotalmharu. policemen, aadhen the <ioier.ee ir. Northem Irelandersona have been

Press lUicmeouA leaders and an end to the feud withinould be at least as deadly. PIRA's chief oflaimed thehad not been impaired by the personnel leases and confiscalion ofshipment from Libya last October. He also said PIRA had reauitcd aof new members and it planned to step up iu paramilitaryagaimi British forces in Northern Ireland. INLA'a Internalwith aome of the more militant members forming the IrishOrganiialionnd the two groups almost certainly willviolence against the British and Protestants, rather lhan against eachis no indication that any of the groups in Northern Ireland will breakof not attacking United Slates interest*.

Cataleeuan Separatists Target US InSeresCS .

Theack em7SO faeiUyBarcelona thatS Navy sen man was probably the work of theod liberation Armyhich Claimed (esponsibilily for the attack. There lavidence to dateiddle Eastern group-wasERCA also look resecnsibiliiy foe aa stuck on the US CoroalateJri Barcelonn on7 that wounded eight Spanish nationals. We believe the group also may be responsible for attacks agamil American companies in Barcelona last spring.

ERCAmall Marsisl-Lenlnis; organiialion.adtcat ofTihoot ol Terra Lliure (Pre*RCA probably split fromure In7 and hat since largeied US interests in Barcelona, possibly becauie of its antics pit* Im ideology anday or attracting media attention.lso possible lhat lhe grenad- nltack may be related to current talkseen ihe United Statesaln oa reducing the US miliury presence ERCA evidently intended to kill UStervKemen. sod more attacks againsiLIS interesU are likely to

A hungerby key RAFouldi didhat campaign-which alio includedby AD and other West Eoropca- lerrorb.wo-yea. V-tl-ftl2S*e Rbcio Main Airb.se i.

ail aiue* bVibea, lbc Oaobcr IMHiur^ man governmeniaI. Al.hough we do not have other indication,te.ro.iit campaign is being pbnncd, the RAF hai had lulTicieni time to "elect uracil conduct surveillance, andew leiice of

Saboug. Plot Lwceeered

Three Bahraini men have been arreted in connectionlot to sabotage a

Micutihhca in Bahrain.^"


veat.gai.ng magistrate. One defcndantaMBW admiUcd receiving training In weapon, and explosivesampouis.de Bahrain, while ihc other two claimed they had supported the Ural defendantilag Government prosecutors- picparing an indictment, after which thc three will be brought to tnaL We suspect that Iran backed the sabotage plan in an attemptc.ubil.ic Baarasa. whack .upcoru Iraq in the Fenian Golf war at well as the US naval pres. in the Gulf fjgggga






TenorlsU Attempt Raid via Jordan

the Palestine Uberatioa Front (PLFj. Abbas, were


Onsraeli soldier, intercepted three Palestiniana raid across the Jordaninn-Iiratli boidei. The infiltration markedsuccessful breaching of ihc Israeli border by opcrati.es coming fromai least

Ihree Palestinians.

by PLO Executive Committee side tbe Israeli borderrief

Violence Rocks (be Occupied Territories

Thc unusually intense wave of Palestinian violence in the West Bank and Gain Strip that began in7 catapulted Ihc Palestinian issue to center stage in Middle Eastern politics, butot Ihe product of an organized Palestinian rebellion. There is no evidence lhal these demonstrations have been organized or controlled by Palestinian groups outside the occupied territories. The violence originated and has been particularly acute in the Gaza Strip, whereercent of the population arc refugees who have long been more radical than (he Wot Bank Palestinians. tX%mW

Yasir Arafat's Fatah and the Popular From for the Liberation of Palestine probably have provided funds and directed their supporters to exploit spontaneous violence. Islamic fundarnentaliits also took advantage of tbe demonsl rations by portraying the PLO and Jordan as helpless in opposing tbc Israeli occupation.

Kidnaped Chilean CcJond

A Chilean Army colonel who had been held hostage formotolhan three months was released unharmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Chile's Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR) kidnaped the colonel from his home in Santiago. After prolonged negotiations, theoriginally demanded J2 millionn clothing and foodstuffs for the poor in Santiago in exchange foe the colonel's rekascgJP^

Releasing iu hostage In another country suggests the FPMR is able to operateChile's borders. Thc terrorists reportedly drove from Chile through Argentina to Sao Paulo. Thu has raised concerns about possible FPMR collaboration with' leftist groups in Brazil and Argentina. The FPMR's ability to carry off such anmay prompt olher similar kidnaping attempts of Chilcart^bajritary officers and businessmen. fvwaM


South/East Asia


Car Bombings la Islamabad*

Onecember, three car bombs exploded within seconds of each other ai (wo crowded Islamabad markets, kill ins one person and injuring more thanthers. One of tbe two mxrket areas is frequented by US personnel, although no Americans were injured, and property damage was limited. Two of the car bombs were parked nextarpel store run by Afghan exiles, while thc third was parked at another market aboul (wo miles away. Agents of the Soviet-backed Afghan secret service WAD probably sponsored tbe market bombings, possibly to commemorate the eighth anniversary of thc Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. ttKJ

Thc marketfirst inside Ihe city ofthe capital on edge. The following morning. Islamabad markets shut down In protest and Prime Minister Juncjo ordered tighter police searches of can entering or Icavuig theciiy, We doubt the government will be able lo sigmficantly improve securitj.ejj'

Most major PakistaniKarachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi,bombingsut (he only other bombingctoberuburban vegetable market. Furthermore,car bombs marked the first major explosions in public areasWesterners and Pakistani civil servants. Previous bombings generallyon areas where Afghan refugees or lower- and

We eiwect inch bombing* lo continue, although we do notutialned campaign directed particularly against Westerners. Inwo car bomb* in Karachi killed more thanarsons and let off two dayi of riots and protests In our redgmeet. Moscow and Kabul have been careful not to overdo their ate of this terror rsi weapon. They probably calculate that an escalated terroriit campaign would strengthen President Zai'i resolve to tupport the Afghar_rebeit. on lbc other hand, they will continueponsor periodic bombings in major Pakistani cilia in order to increase Soviet-Afghan leverage at the negotiating table. US ciiirens wll" continue to be at risk as indirect victims of these bombings.

Korean Agra! Ceafnsea To Bombing Airliner

On IS Januaryress conference in Seoul, the surviving female terrorist arrested in Bahrain claimed loorth Korean agent and admitted placing the bomb that destroyed KAL Flight 8S8 onccording lo her confession. Kim Hyon-hui (who had traveled as Japanese tourist "Mayuml Hachiya" along with another ageni posing as her father) said she and her companion were born in North Korea and bad trained* lo conduct a'.iacks thai would jeopard tie Seoul'i hosiiag of the Olympic Games inast October, the said, she and her companion received written orders from Kim Cboag-il io destroy lhe aircraft. They flew to Vienna by way of Moscow and Budapest lo carry out the scheme in

Two North Korean agent handlers gave them the bombelgiade hotelbefore they flew to Baghdad to board tbe KAL airliner. According to thethe bomb was builtock radio lhalrams of aThii device was placed neatine bottle filled wiih anexplosive that intensified the blast. Thc duo armed ihc device beforeand got off (he plane in Abu Dhabi. At (be press conference,to hgverepenltd and lo have cooperated wiih her


Gtet ttfitieli tranmat weaaoai and other con-

ofekovsei f*lai aad his

Changing Altitude Toward Terrerlsmt

The Greek public* attitude toward domesticappears to have changed over the past few years. In ihe, in the woke of the rlghtwing military dictatorship, ihe public did not appeare overly concerned about domestic terrorism Attacks generally were designed to avoid fatalities, and the public apparently viewed lhetar-gels usually were associated wiih controversialfolk heroes. Concern about domestic terrorism apparently has grown in rectm years,as ihe Increasing violence of terrorist attacks has damaged Greece's International image and has ltdecline in tourist revenues.,

As the public's altitude-seemed to change, thc Papan-dreou government Increasingly has been criticized for ill apparent mobility to arrest terrorists. Both lhe press and the opposition parties have decriedand police inefficiency In defiling with lhe lerrorist problem. The Greek public apparently agrees wiih this assessment. I

Wc believe these group* are still able to target US interests in Greece and probably will continue lo attack US installations and personnel. The ongoing US-Greek base negotiations could also Increase lhe atlraciivenesj nf US targets, as Greek domesticoften choose targets in re-'ponse to current events. Two recent attacks by lheovemberbuses transporting US miliuryin April and Augustan intent io inflict high numbers of US casualties. MB

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hai been bcseigedecent round of violence directed against both Syrian and Lebanese targets. This latest surge of violence appears to have started in7cries of bombings in(heairport andontinuing with numerous attacks against Syrian troops in both Beirut and the north. Damascus has responded with acrackdownartial replacement of regular troops in Beirut with several elite Special Forces

The Start of Something Blgl Novemberurning point in thc security situation in Beirut.ingleumber of inetdenu designedesult in large numbers of indiscriminate casualties occurred. They were almost certainly intendedmbarrass (he Syrian forces in Lebanon andessage of Lebanese political will. In addition to (he bombir.es. almost daily hi:and-run attacks on Syrian troops took place in Beirut and Tripoli, Lebanon's second-largest city. Two of thc November bombs exploded, causing seriousfour others were defused:

Onovember, an explosive device carriedoung Palestinian woman detonated at BeirutAirport, killing her and four other persons and woundingroup calling itself the Lebanese Liberation Organi2suion. which has taken credit for several anti-Syrian attacks in Beirut in recent months, claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Onovember, another young woman whoa bomb disguisedox of chocolates into thc American University Hospital in East Beirut died when thr device went off. Six additional persons died and* more thanthers suffered injuries in thc

On lt> November. Lebanese Army bomb disposal expertsuitcase bomb placedupermarket in the Dikwanah areast Beirut four minutes before it was set to explode The bomb


reportedly contained rive kilograms of TNT andilograms of nails. Later (hat day another device, containingilograma of TNT and two kilograms of nails, was found and defusedrowded gas liaisoa locatedeters from thc siet. Tbc bombs were similar io const ruction

Onomb leftidewalkank in Al- AshraSyah was discovered and dismantled This device consistedf TNT mixed with three kilograms of nails. Later thatilograms ofon (he main road in front of


Chronology of

Below ore dticrlbed noteworthy foreign and International events Involving terrorists, or thc use of terrorist tactics, which have occurred or come to light since our last issue. In some cases, the perpetrators and their motivations may not be known. Events and developments that have already been described elsewhere In this publication are not Included


Armenian Secret Army for ike liberation ofArmenia (AS'ALAJ Itrrorittfrom prison. The prisoner, Vahe Khodaverdtan, bad been sentenced tofor bis involvcmcni in an attempted bombing against (he Saudi andoffice in Athens ine was released after appealingand having it reduced to (wo years, which amoun(edhe time he

Katyusha rocket damages apartment building inside the securitywere no

Wetl Bank: Palestinians claim Incendiary attack oa Israeli Egged bus Station in Jerusalem. Thc fire reportedly destroyed many


Lebanon: Katyusha rocket is fired at northern Galilee in Israel. There were no mjurieSjJMj'

Paletiinian businessman Badr Al'Fahoum Is rtleaied unharmed In Weil Beirul, two weeks after ke and hit driver were kidnaped. Tbc driver was released onctober and reportedlyessage from the kidnapers,0 for the Palestinian's release. The -Ucntity of (he kidnapers is unknown.!


Two bombs explode within hours af each other la ike same vicinity Im Sidon. The first bomb explodedhop and caused some property damage,econd device detonatedarage, apparently causing no significant damage. No group has claimed responsibility for thc bombing


Pb'lleeVeactlrat,-bomb found ot thr^ttyplaia in Vatfmlupar. Members ofh of April Movementlag at (he scene and painted slogans on buildings surrounding the pit



Chad: Businessman admits involvement In terrorist operation, iunenicrs to autkoriiiet ia N'Djamena. The man Mid he was approached by two businessmen in Nigeria who allied him lo help blow up lhe Lere Bridge across lhe Mayo-Keen River. He agreed but, when lhe terrotisiS stowedriefcase bomb, be had second thoughts and revealed lhe plot to polic

Colombia: National liberation Army (ELN) terrorists rake erer town of Paititas,oliceman. During the atiack. the pere*lrator( woundederrons, including police officers, soldiers, znd fi-c

Iraq: Iraqi revolutionaries protesting Arab lummit in Amman, Jordan reportedly attack Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad. The Embassy was damaged but no injuries were rcpmicdgTgW,

Israel: Palestinians plant explosive charge In TetArlr suburb. Press reports claim heavy danuged^p^

Lebanon:ar is destroyed In bombing In Tripoli. There was one casualty. No group has taken credit for planting thc bomb.

l:Ah: Bombs are discovered on the road at Khar Fakkan. One bomb oplodcd juring two children. Illegal Iranian immigrants to the UAE may be responsibl

nrros Bac

'Opctty damage

13Unknown assailants wound former governor at residence in Valledupar.

Armando Barros BaQuero had served as governor of Barranquilla department7

Lebanon: Car bomb explodeseirut suburb, causing property damage im the area bat no injuries. There has been no claim of responsibl lit

13Sendero Luminoso (SL) terrorists attack tillage ofilometers

south of Ayacucko, hilling four persons and kidnaping seven. The group, armed with rnachincguns and explosives,chool, injuring three teachers who wereorning meeting. Other explosives, placed at several buildings in the lown. caused ci tensivel

for possible

^jJ^ refugee ^

Colombia: Police arrest six members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) ia Barranquilla One of the arrested terroristsolombian airliner7 and diverted it to Cuba. Byudge freed all detainees except for one who was being jtv involvement in the bombingus in7

Colombia: Unknown terrorists release kidnaped rancheransom. Thc victim had been heldeptember

West Bank: Molotov cocktail Is thrown at thr police station in the Askew refugee camp. Only slight damage wai reported, and ihere were no injuries


Wea Bank. Palestinian mama* ami her laa art Injured white preparingThe charge's mechanism malfunctioned and expicdcd. cauing (be Pales- . uffer cheat woundi from ihc")

Lebanon: Bomb planted uader cor detonatesriral suburb but causes ao damage or casualties. No one hat claimed responsibility foe lhe explosion.

Chile: Bomb esplodrs lo Pudakmtl section ofSsmitaso. coating mia and no injmrlei. No on* claimed responsibility for lbc larnppoat bombing

Goto Strip: Spiritual leader of Paletllnion Islamic Jihad group Ii to beleader's sermons called for the libera of Palesiine through hoty war. students protested bis arrest^>

Colombia: Guerrillas kidnap son af rancher from_Monteela,or hi, retortwas kidnaped because

thc rancher refused to continue extortion payments after he sold his properly. Inpasi, be had regularly paid groups threatening to seize hbd

Time bomb is discovered and defusedllegal Iranian immigrants may be (capons.

Bonk: Pipe bomb explodes under Israeli vehicle in Halhul damaging the rear of the car. Tlicie were no in ' Mt-

Colombia: Presumed ELN members place small bomb at public works adminii-

trasion in Barrauauillu Tbeium! no damage or injuries.

perpeirsiors. who kit ELN propaganda al lhe scene, escaped on avarorcycles^B *

Israel: Small explosive charge is discovered and defused oiabus stop In Had era There were nocasualtimffJMV


Coxa Strip: Molotov cothtails art throwntlitmrj College. There were no injuries or damages reported

Colombia: FARC terroristsouncilmanhic leader InArenal. The assaitonu rounded up lhe town's inhabitants to witness the ihooilngs/p^ yfi

Colombia: Police arrest ELN guerrillas at an airport In Monterla. The terrorists had intended torominent farmer who was returning from the United Suies after medical ireaimeni. Thc attempt failedhit bodyguardi observed teapucaoas rndinduali at Ihc airport and notifWd theurse wbocared tort he man's mother is accused of revealingvel ptsns to tbe

social ion and auempicdjji>

Gaia Strip: Military court temences member of the Palestinian lilamle Jihad groupean'imprisonment. He was convicted of membership in er. illegal si-

West Bonk: Israeli Defense Forces fIDF) soldier is founded by Maimer cocktail attack injiethlthem. Tbe firebomb was thrown at the IDF bos nearTomb^Pjt'

Colombia: Member! of the ELN kill meat rendor and wound two byttandert in Buearamanga. Pamphlets, left by ihc assailants, accused the victim ofovernment agent flgV

Chite: Six bomb attacks occur in tererol anas of Santiago,lackout and minor damage but no injuries. No one has claimed responsibilil

Kuwait: Incendiary device Ii thrown at entrance to the American Life Insurance Company. Tbe door was destroyed, bui Ihcre were nojnjurics. Thc pcrpetralon were most likely Kuwaiti Shia sponsored by Iran.^paggT)

Israel: Bomb explodes near Aliya Institute in Petah Tiara. There were no casus Ilia or damagcs^Mjl

West Bank: Fatahlaims responsibility for murder of two Israelis la fe ruialem department store The victims were stabbednd iheir throats were siI omP

Wtli Bank: Molotov cocktail Ij thrown at Israeli vehicle near Qalailya. There were no injuria or damages Aj/f>

West Bank: Molotov coekiall Ii thrown al Israeli restaurant In south Jerusalem.were no casualties or damages

Wesf Bank: Molotov cocktail Is thrown at Israeli border police vehicleZ Samarianaf Burqaere no report; of injury or damii>CldflrJ 'J *

Chad: Security affietah arrettfour Chadlansfor7 bombing of US private voluntary organization in Meundou. The "plosion, which caused no injuria and only minor damage,)

remch cmmrt gemma the eittadltimm ta Spmimmpeded rmember of ikeatherland amd LibertylETAJfmr crime, .pu'uind,

The extraditionot boicd on ihe luipeei's irrvolveenent in an irmcd gang/

mltslommrles held eeptire ileee early September. They laterAtinf ihe woundshird miss Worn ry. who dkd after ibe

Angela: In Jamba, ike Union Joe Total Independence of Angola (VNITA) release! two Swedl iI miiiieaeriei held eepiiee ileee early September They Uier charged UNnitial,

Unidentified attackers bomb newspaper offices In Valparaiso. Threehurled two incendiary bombs inside lhe El Mercurio offiota. causing dameje; one pedicernan Injured a< be i

Lebanon: Bomb eiplodei inside pro-Syrian Arab Party tenier In the Tripoli

suburb ef Al-Bmddmml, eeaUag many casualties aad property daaaagr. The 9

February Organization claimed respeassibiiity for detonating Ihe

Northern Ireland; Britiih Army bomb-dlipoial team defuiet boobyttapped bomb

left on the ground, of the Roman Catholic Cathedral In Newry. Police, accusedX

Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA)of planting the

Four convicted member, of the Portugueserect af AprilTP'2S) imprisoned in7 ere transferredrison hetpital after beingunger strike to protest separation from ether FP-

Chile: Security official, arrest five alleged terrorists la Santiago. The five, probably membera of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPM Rl were caught wtth guns and eaploaivcs as they were about lo blowower pylono discovered more weapons when Ihey raided one terrorist's t

Turkey: Security forces captureeftist militants In Agrl Province. Thc suspects tflatflpiuVwcie ace used with doing propaganda work and providingpresumably members of thc Kurdish Workers* Partystolen money and at

Police eepatereembers af unidentified Illegal organizations Im

Sanlimrfa, Er-Jacaa. aad Tmmeell Prmvimces. EapiOsrvcs and h'tcralurc were seared in raids on the home* and workplaces ofersons captured in Sanliurta andof revrvinc their organization. Some of tbeersons arrested in Erancan were accused of pulling upsters^thc live captured In TuikcII were, charged with sheltering unidentified terrorist

Neelhera Ireland; TW eWa KMecdmmimmtaly Proteuanl koutmgLondonderry killm Cmtkmtic mmm mmd imjmrr ISpenemt, imelmdimsihifd.bomb failed

: ibe group disdained retponn

PKK kldmaptfrrt villagers In Eeuh district af Siin Province Before

leaving, thek) remaining villagers lhat the hostages would

conscripted by the troupear and a}

Nattkermar bomb explodes outside tke komes lice- Thecaused no injuries but badly damaged several homes. Including that of

US Vice CMgulfjtyg1'

Beta mxrrmdttet Gmbriele Tledemmmm ta West Germany tofmee cbmrges connected with tbe mtlmck Im5 mm the OPEC Bmildlmg Im Viemnammdtkidnap.ng inad completedears of . year sentence for shootingiss customs

Northern Ireland: Car bomb hills John McMiehmeJ, secoad-ln-enmmaud of the Uitter DefeaseAssociation, In Belfast PIRA claimed credit foi lhc Y) /

Ireland: Police And an underground bunker they suspect was built by PIKA to store neapons and ammunition. This -as Ihe third bunkerearch

of thc storage facilities were empty.

along boCbjides vtUie border wllh Northern Ireland gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnennnnnnnB *



Adana military cmurl leniences members af Turkishlberalton Pany/Front-Swift Onesne membereath sentence, while four others were sentenced toears and four months imprisonment for unspecified crimes committed0ive others were aoqulited.



T.rlr, Poller mreeillleted irrrreitls aad loppertert In DiyerbaUr Prc-ince.

Four ol Ibe arrested pecioni reportedly-eVe sussed terrorists, -bile ibe

remainder provided unspccincd aiddistributed propafarida, and were .

involved In preparation! fbi terrorist activities.ctive in the rof^fafJaT-*^



but.me-injbHe,ot'rcsponiibiiitT (ot the bombing and

M-ieM'i'hlhe atadio


Three.fKK mcmticn abo-dicd nine belli *JpV*

tatpectedof tupplyiat lhe

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