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I. e^SK)- MISSION: Conducttility assessment to determine the feasibility, reliability and applicability of AW in

the SUN STREAK program. Tne target perGonalityTerry Mai te. Seet Enclosure I.

m VIEWER TASKING: Reply to Essentia) Elements of Information <EEI) regarding target personality.

F/SK* COMMENT!/! Session was conducted under Ideal

conditions in the CRV room. It became quite apparent

i-'a'. in facten to "automatic write" f

channeling. The source of the data activity was described and

identified as "Georne." There was some confusion during the

first few r inutes of the session. The last o 40

minute* of the session Mere astoundlngly accurate. Noted that

both the monitor ere at liberty to call frequent breaks.

The specificity of the targeting appeared to facilitate the

session. as encouraged not to declare AOL, not to

ayestion the data, nor interpret the data, but simply to receive

ti-tt transmit the data. George indicated an ability to work in

t and future time: andillingness to "do search".

The personality was describedad .aecomp'l ished-something" on behalf of the "Americans." involved in special project involving freedom" heigh ideals. He had formulated' and was continuingdenpi to riis somewhat.situation. currently "hidden* through no fault of this awn; ry. and humidate* where dark skin people was in thajliddle East*, and specifically intBeiruW, was being kgpt near urr^n'tly^hot''use,old retreat. anurple cloth hungeil. bearing gold and whi telso vi - being_ievei-. He will not break. beand evidence of the unforeseen, he will ory

in August a with two othor hostages whoserj he is currently negotiating ovun while under captivity. i . 1 es ntrao wan spoiled out in rc-aponw to ittonitor'a roquBot (in an effort to detefmino Nhnthar or not this could literally ccomplished). . 3 Ths target pxtonal ity wasr.Mtvor, he Mas not currently located In the 'outskirts* as manye**fii tove. InoHort to specifically identify the current location of tho target personality,as instructed to place "X" <tnd told to ilometers (south) of Beirut asn.n See the UIasM nrjton Pest's .article on the tarijpt. personality.

personality was Terry Waite Source at data was "George."





0 cC6t:

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u 9

jujii &w/


otfuoji mitje over Messages

ran Woed Deal for German Captive, Militia Official Says

San BaxUny

fclKUT, Jan.o< gland envoy Terry Waite. who

kidnaped one year ago, and oth-

fstern hostages arc now in (he it of Iranian Revoiutieviary rda based here, and the Tehran wnmcnt hai banned furthermcnt by Lebanese groups to

negotiations for their release, rrfmgenfor Shii'e militia iaL

and some of thather gn hostagei are believed to beeen seired by pro-Iranian em fundamentalist! here.ces said the captors we ted three weeks ago after Teh-ec-ded to halt any morethe hostage criiii by local emen and armed groups, ac-ig lo the Moslem mlbtia off].

olftcul usually we3-iri-on Tehran's latest diree-iia operatives in Beirut, ex-that all future handling of affairs would be carried outts, between nd the govemmenta of the l

. the start of the year, moat captives have been held in ihe custody of Iranianry Guards to prevent Lebanese (roups, families or Interlocutors from reaching agreements that are not strictly beneficial to Iran. ar> confmg toand Shiite Moslem militia sources.

In the final week of December, the, Iran stepped in at the last minute and thwarted

"The envoy in charge of the negotiations left for Bonn and Uiat was the end of it."

ShitU rai&Ua Hun*

chancesossible release of West German hostage RudoK Cordes and American journalist Terry Anderson.

A deal had been set to, free desexchange for TWAsuspect Mohammed Altansom ofillion and proof to the captors (Juth.ite act.vists held in Kuwait on bombing charges were still alive and in good health, according to the sources. Alison, the Beirut bureau chiel o( Tho Associated Press, wasnext in line to be released, the sources added.

Or, learning about the deal to free Cordes. Iran contacted its men hero aad said there wouH be no deal un-fcss Bonn supplied it with material for manufacturing chemicalarms and other technology -Theharge of thetoft for Bonn and that waa the end ofhe militia source laid.

epresentative for the Frankfurt-based Hoeehitcompany, wit abducted by gunmen on the road to Beirut In-ternational Airport on Jan.astew days after arriving in Lebanon.

Three days later,after leaving hia Drute tcdyfttards outside the officeshare Lebanese doctoreeting with the captors of two Americana.

Druse chieftain WaM JumblaHin an interview last weekend that he was still trying to find out

whether it was possible lo release Waite,

Since his kidnaping one year ago, Waite has been accused by hiscaptors to have been voi ing for.pfte denials by Washington and Waitca employer Archbishop Canterbury Robert Runoe,

To those who remember him the Riviera Hotel where he staye Waitetrange mixture of humarltaranisk laker wr. seemed hound to get into trouble.

"He wanted lo show off. takin walks along thea parading in convoys of cars bristfin; with guns. He was really saying, 'Terry Waite, If you want me you knowm. coming amecalled the managereafroof hotel




The Washington Post article on Terry Waite datedanuary

I9S3 mas retrieved Iron the Utility Assessment dated an 8S.

Attention was to the 4thas told to read the article

and stopped at the appropriate para. Highlighting in yellow was used to mark the para.

Rudolf Cordes (man cited ion para) is with Terrye

rocaiviv* us He will be released after the first part of June and go home . He (Cordes will provide information that will help the US in tho negotiations.

In reply to G's query it as determined that Terry Anderson,

quieter than all of them (Waite or Cordes?) will be the last to be released in August. He will be the last to be released (Terry Waite is to be released in August).

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