Created: 6/12/1989

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(Phonetic: cnGOOZ)

State Commissioner for Foreign Affairs (since

Addressed as: Mr. Stair Commissioner

ow serving hisas foreign minister; he previously, andhis second term he was arrested ontreason. He was tried and sentenced toPresident Mobutu Sese Seko commutedto life imprisonment and laterNguz rejoined the governmentear later he wasSlate Commissioner (primenresigned and went into self-imposed exile

Belgium, where he became one of Mobutu's most outspoken opponents. He reconciled with the President5 and subsequently served as Ambassador to the United Slates for two years.

Nguz was borne. degree in international relations5 from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium.e served at the Permanent Mission to the UN in New York, and he was subsequently assigned as Permanent Representative to the UN European Office in Geneva. He has also been director and permanent secretary of the Political Bureau of the Movement of the Revolution, Zaire's only legal party.

Nguz is the author of several books on Zairian politics. Born in Katanga (now Shaba) Region, beephew of the late Primeoise Tshombc. In addition to several tribal languages, he sneaks French, English, and some Flemish. Nguz ii married io Nlandu Kavidi and has several children.


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