Created: 6/12/1989

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{Phonetic: enKAYroa)

Counselor to the President for National Security (since

Addressed as; Mr. Nkema

Nkema Liloo often travels with President Mobutu Sese Seko: they hare visited Washincton together several times. Before assuming his current post, Nkema had served as Permanent Representative to the UN in New York and as Ambassador to Switzerland.

Nkema was born on4 in Equateur Region. Heachelor's degree in political science and international relations from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. After working as an adviser on the President's executive staff. Nkema served as administrator general of the National Documentation Agency.

Nkema speaks French and some English. He and his wife, Balu Futi Malila, have several children.


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