Created: 6/12/1989

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(Phoneik moBOOloo(

Prcidtai (liace

Ar. Presiieml or Citizen Pretielemi

Sciiinginbloodless coup

MUvtiiu licitdvd fir*f HbliUt)

mutinies, ethnic bloodletting, and successionisi struggles lhat wracked his country after it gained independence from Belgium. He was sworn in as elected President1 and is now in his third consecutive seven-year term. Mobutu concurrently serves as founder-president of the Popular Movement of Ihe Revolution (MPR, Zaire's only politicaltate Commissioner (minister) for National Defense, and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Mobutu was born one enlisted in the Belgian colonial army0 and was trainedlerk. He subsequently servedtenographer with the general staff in Kinshasa and was part-lime editor of an army periodical. Leaving the militaryergeante conjinuedournalist and become involved in polilics. In Brussels during the, herainee in public relationsolonial informatioa agency and look courses at the Press House and tbe Advanced Institute of Social Studies Shortly after inckpendence. he wis named Army Chief ofew month* later he tared power, only io return it almost immediately to cviFians.1 he was turned Commander of the new National Army. He subsequently received pa rat root* training in Israel He founded the MPRfter he had taken power for the second lime

Widely traveled. Mobutu has visited the United States manye was last here ins. He ha* met President Bush on several occasions, most recently in9 during Japanese Emperor Hirohito's funeral.2 Mobutu has held the military rank of marshal. He has several honorary degrees, including one in law from Duqucsnc University in Puisburgh; he has been awarded the US Legion of Merit and many other decorations. Mobutu speaks French. He is married io Mamadawg. who devotes time to social work. He has several children, one of whom, Mobutu Nyiwa. currently serves as Mmisier of State for International Cooperation.


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