Created: 5/30/1989

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Salradoraa laiarttali. hoping fa dltrupttiJrnualoa Thtrtday, Matt InientUitd atiacki am military and economic targets an* art planningottiblt attempt agalait Crlsliaal.i

The guerrillas' nationwide hit-and-runlo continue through early neat month and to be conccmraied in Sanare intended lodiuracl aitrniion fiom the inauguration andemonstrate that the insurgencyoicni ihreai In addition io their recent attack on lhe In Infantry Brigadewhich caused minimalrebeh plan io nrike lhe preudcnlial palaceilitary training cenier. They alio plan io hit buiincttet linked lo nghiwing iniereti: and have moved enri men and sunnlie* into ihr capilaU

In addition i0 Criilimi. lhe guerrilla* plan lo kill vcveralmduding lhe Deftnte Mininci and the new Ministeritales

S officlfls an contained ahem Hittitude lowaidri I

Army hat mobiliird troops

around the cgpfUl lo counter lhe inturgeni offensive and hat deployed foroa lo guerrilla stronghold* in western and centralSalvador fjj)

C oraasaar Although aggressive ope rations by governmenl force* are likelyreempt or counter much of the planned guerrilla activity, the insurgent* nil] could score propaganda point* through limited acta of terronsm. uboiage. ortransportation ban in the capital. Repon* of guerrilla ataasiinaiton plana appear credible following their wcceiiful murder of ihc Attorney General Im month and lheancmoi on the head of ihc National Aiiembly fflBf

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