Created: 1/1/1990

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BOLIVIA: US Interests Face Growing Terrorist Threat

The attacks onctober against the US Marine House and the John F. Kennedy Memorial in la Paz by the Nestor Paz Zamora Commission mayenewal of terrorist attacks against US interests in Bolivia. The groupommunique on Friday charging the government with narcotics corruption and calling for the expulsion of the US Ambassador, the removal of all US troops, and

departure S-ouncdmpimriinterest in the minerals sector had been increasing; several investment deals have been signed this

Comment: The attacks are the first against US interests this year, there were five such incidents last year. The opposition of leftist groups to increasing US involvement in the antinarcotics program and in the economy may prompt more attacks against US interests. Although US Government interests are the most likely targets. US businesses and private citizens also may face an increased risk of kidnapping, attacks, and extortion.!-

Bolivia: Nestor Paz Zamora Commission


The Nestor Paz Zamora Commission is named after President Paz Zamora'sember of the National Liberationdisbanded Communist revolutionary group that followed Che Guevarra's teachings. Nestor Paz Zamora was killedolivian counterterrorism operationlthough little is known about the group, last week's communique and attacks are similar to the methods of the Zarate Wiilka terrorist group. This group was responsible for the bombing of Secretary of State Shultz's motorcade inhe assassination of two US Mormon missionaries innd the bombing of the US Embassy in Laolivian security personnel and press have speculated that the Nestor Paz Zamora Commission may be closely linked to, or another name for, Zarate Wiilka, which often assumes other names.



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