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13th Microelectronics Component Symposium

In keeping with tradition,h component nymposium focusing on microelectronics was held in May in Frankfurt/Oder. The sports and exhibition center at Westkreuz was again used. The organizers were the Microelectronics Combine and the Chamber of Technology of Frankfurt/Oder. The symposium was held under the patronage of Minister for Electrical Engineering and Electronics Felix Meier. After the plenary speeches by the minister for electrical engineering and electronics and by the Microelectronics, Carl Zeiss Jena, Robotron, Automation System Construction, and Communications Electronics Combines,articipants wererogram ofechnical presentations about new components and their application.

Exchanging experiences is assuming an ever-greater importance at the component symposium. The exhibit area,omponents on displayxhibits by user industries, academies, and colleges, as well as the podium discussions and the poster debates, provided adequate opportunity to do so.

Of particular interest were the integrated circuits fromicroprocessor systems (first exhibited at the

Approved for Rclcosa Date. t. L

Leipzig Springbit DRAM [dynamic random-access memory] and00 application-specific circuit systems. byte SRAM [static random-accessbyte BPROM [electrically programmable read-onlynd theHCT CMOS [complementary metal-oxide semiconductor] logic family were presented, and experiences in using surface-mountable components were conveyed.

Me provided you with detailed information onbit microprocessor system in MIKROPROZESSORTECKNIK No 5, in this issue, we will presentbit DRAM andit CMOS processor in greater detail.

The announcement of an accelerator card based or.hould be of interest to users of thehealaourbo card--makes it possible to accelerate the computing speed of the4 by three to four times.oprocessor isactor of five to eight is even possible. The cardomplete subsystem that in the4 can be inserted in place of the RAM expansion. It handles processing of all operating system, driver, and user programs, whereby the original processor system continues to be usedlave system. This ensures access to all system resources. The RAM area of the4 can thus be usedisk cache for hard and floppy disks. The component basis for the turbo card, which is the result of joint work by the Microelectronics and Robotron Combines, are,,ircuits and the DL and DS logic array.

Of the exhibits on display at the fair, we haveew that we would like to present here in brief.

The Wilhelm Pieck University in Rostock. Department of Technical Blectronics, displayed thebit single-board computer. The SBC in DKL technology,m. was presented with the followingPU [central processinglock, ususath processor,nterruptIFSS interface with.3 timer, 6 static RAMo, and6 EPROKs. The constitutes the central unitodular system withlobal and local bus and SBX bus with SCSI [small computer system interface] adapter. Moreover, system-specific additions were introduced: Graphics modulendus, Winchester controllernd SBX bus. In function, the console coupling of the SBC with the SCSI interface was presented. The software consists of8 monitor with expansions, SCP [system control program) and DCP [data control program] in the CPU's real address mode. With examples, the

functional principle of protected mode was shown. The graphics moduleisplayixels,emo on the color monitorew level of quality in terms of resolution and representation.

Center for Scientific Equipment Building of thebyte ram floppy card and theideo4-Mbyte RAM floppy is well-suited for expanding the memorys well as that of compatible computers afterikroprozessortechnIK No. It can serve asmemory for recording measurements or as cache memory foraccess. The parity check is ensured with theits per byte. Support through an external voltageautorefresh are possible. The cardbit DRAMn

(accesshe variationbyte was on display. Thes used to drive color monitors that can be used as full graphic displays for image processing and for computer graphics. In particular, it is suitable for applications where anit microprocessor system is to be supplementedraphics-capable, color image-output system. Theas already introduced in great detail in mikroprozessortechhiknds.

In order to relieve the design centers, and because the design of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) in the design centers is not effective for each user, there is an increase in demand for design with the pc. The parts design work station at the Technical University of Karl-Marx-Stadt for the4 demonstrated the pc-GAD design system (Technical University of Karl-Marx-Stadt) and MEIiGET (Metallurgy Electronics. Leipzig) for designing00 gate array systems. The pc-GAD, which is compatible in network-description and command language to the archimedes system forllows the design and simulation of circuit elements with upacros. Further information about this can be found in our asic series in mikropr0zess0rtechnik No 3. 6. and 9,

Inears of its existence up to the beginning of this year, the Integrated Circuit Center at veb Textima Electronics, Karl-Marx-Stadt, has performed design work onate array circuits and ontandard cell circuits. At the symposium, the Integrated Circuit Center provided information on logic cell arraysith which the development time of printed circuit boards can be sharply reduced. Where quantities are small, they can also fully replace ASICs. LCAs--similar to EPROMs--are programmed on the pc and used like ASICs. In this way. LCAs are highly flexible. They are easy to change and toeprogramming is possibleew minutes. LCAs consistumber of configurable logic blocks (flip flops and complex combinatorial logichere are input/output blocks for communicating with the

environment. All the blocks can be connected to each other, with nooftware package contains components such as graphics editor, interactive computation of signal running times, macro cell libraries, automatic positioning and routing, as well as dynamic simulation support.

13. Component symposia have been held in Frankfurt/Odero this day. they are application-oriented events that are unique in the GDR in terms of size and significance. With the wide range of information options, including the sale of informational material and of components, the symposium fully lived up to its reputation as the most Important source of information for all users of integrated circuits in the GDR.

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