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SUMMARY WITH EXCERPTSpeech by Gen. De Gaulle to the Provisional Consultative Assembly at Algiers on

Addressing the Assembly onen. De Gaulle reviewed the planshe Committee offor the internal reconstruction of Prance and the role which she would play ln post-war He referred to the many immediate andproblems which would confront the Committee on its return to Metropolitan France and emphasised that nothing could be done except under conditions of order. "There could, therefore,tate this withe said, "be no public authority other than that emanating from the responsibleadministration. Any attempt, even partial or disguised, to maintain the Vichyany artificial formation of an authority outside thebe intolerable and condemned in advance. The action of the Government inthe life of the country and reinstating the laws of the Republic will, of course, not wait until the whole of French territory is liberated from the enemy. The task of rehabilitation will be begun withoutidelay as the armies of liberation advance. In thisit is obvious that exercise of administrative powers in the zones in which battles will be fought will call for collaboration between the AlliedCommand and the local authorities set up by the Government. In order that such collaboration may be simple and effective,it must include previousbetween the Committee of Liberation and our US and British Allies. The French Government has drawn up and imparted to London and Washington the draft of these arrangements as far as they are concerned.

"Today France has at her disposal considerable military means. They are not to be compared with those before the defeat, but, thanks to theeffort in the Empire,ercent of herhave joined up In the fight. Thanks also to the armaments, ships, and aircraft sent by the United States, Great Britain, and Soviet Russia, ourforces are able toreat role ln thebattle of France. Their role will be all the greater when they are Joined by the fighting elements


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of the interior of France, when the national rising against the Invader really begins.

"Thanks to our attitude of patience andthe fundaaentally friendly relations of the French people with their Allies remain excellent. In thisears' war France at Verdun saved the world. After0 Churchill's Britain saved the world. Russiat'llned up on the east ts saving the world today. The United States will also have saved the world by the decisive support they have given through their men and material. There will be no salvation save through the combined power of these great States remaining united."

Speaking of the essential part which France must play ln European and world reconstruction, Gen. De Gaulle said: "The policy of the Government is directed to setting up andwhile fighting--France's future Europeanole which she is to play for the advantage of all. But if the restored Continent is toalance corresponding to the conditions of our times. It seems to us that certain groupings will have to be formed, without however encroaching on theof each element. As regards Franco we think that some form of Western group realised with us, chiefly on an economic basis and as extensive ascould offer great advantages. roup, extended to Africa and in close relation with thenotably the Arab States, which areseeking to unite theirof which the Channel, the Rhine, and the Mediterranean would be like arteries, should be able toital nucleusorld organisation ofexchange and security. Like all tasks of the near future, this one must be prepared. The French Government is prepared to undertake all necessary studies and negotiations in common with other States


"The completion of the task of the provisional Government of the Republic will be determined by the very date on which the sovereignty of the nation can express itself. From that moment onwards thoof our institutions, interrupted by the force majeure of the invasion and usurpation, will take up


its legitimate course and the de facto authority that we assumed to direct the national war effort and to ensure the liberation of the sovereignmean the captiveimmediately cease to be Justified. The permanentand form that the French community will assume tomorrow do not, therefore, depend on the provisional Government or on any Assembly which is not theof free, direct, and general elections held in suitable conditions of national stability. It is democracy, renewed in its institutions, and above all in its traditions, that our people want. French democracy mustocial democracy, one ensuring to all the right and freedom of work andthe dignity and security of all in an economic system plannediew to developing fully tbe nation's resources and not to the profit of individual interests. olitical, social, and economic regime will, no doubt, be completed by fitting into the French community the destiny of nations linked with our own. Finally, relations of all kindsall nations will have to be co-ordinated through an International organisation so thatorld in which interdependence will be the rule, each nation nay develop ln conformity with its own genius and without being subjected to any kind of political or economic oppression."

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