Created: 1/22/1944

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I (true name) Operation TROUBADOUR


mittel build oval face

kastanienbraun hair blaue Augen rotig oomplexlonhoes

rench average iii. Pure French aooent, slight German (speaks slowly with northern accent oflight Spanish, iv. Soar over left eye; pit in oenter of forehead; burn oa lower Inside of left leg; bayonet wound on abdomen; mole on left jaw; pimple on chin, v. Heavy cigaretteay vi. None


both livii.e. au oi. Ecienne. Studied in public scnoox* atthen, when 15

1 entered naval echccl io obtsutue petty-officer at Brest on board SS Montcalm. One year there, then five In navy as volunteer untils Secf'd ime served two veerp

In July6 left for Spain to serve in Republican army, where drove supplies between Madrid and Barcelona. End8 rehuraed to France, stayed In Toulouse, then Toulon, until declaration, of war, when he joined the 5th Depot d'Kquipages at Toulon as Second Uaitre until June0 when he wasat armistice.

-ate* 'i-SO


Then went to parents at St. Etlenne; stayed there until1 then to Paris to join the Maquia untilnas oaptured by Germans on train ataone; they took him to Chercbe-Mldi Prison for eight months, on grounds oferman4 was taken to Niemburg(between Bremen andhere he workedaker.

Escaped to Oefczen (province ofravelling on fake Be-soheinigung zur Benutzung der Eisenbahn given him by girl whoin Arbeitsamt. This and statement by employer on letterhead was all he needed. Esoaped from5 via Switzerland.

Is not married.

SpecialB^Jnaval supplies; slight Morse. Wasittlet seems alert and straightforward. Knows Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, and tfefczen; Knows army and nasal artillery, nas two brothers and sisters. Is tough and self-reliant. Subsisted bylack market, jssoaped in load of hay.

of Mission

Will be dropped in Niemburg area, where will orient self and then proceed south to Munich region where will remain on permanent mission. Will be dropped alone; radio operator will perhaps bo sent in later. Time in northern Germany for orientation about three weeks.

Agent is coming to London for briefing, etc.

Operation will be mounted for moon-periodebruary.

cover ideas undecided.






name con bo used

" place and date of birth oan be used Catholic

Parents both dead; choose any names; assumed to be from ot.



story OK.

On leaee.ay leave issued by Arbeitsamt rjelzen for target oity. if captured will admit to having faked his story andonth in the Axbeitslager. His employer to be the real one.



enclosed. Alsoer Bisenbahn for this trip. He stands well wlthTM yuever had or


[Jand thanto the Arboitaaint in Uelzen. Would ration tickets, but can get along without them.


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