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Lt. Col. Carroll Oray 5rcnav


The follow Ine ia an atteospt to forawlato aonc ideas aad

su-^eetions ooinorninf the Balkan Divisiont Istanbul.

Lt*trst report*esperate effort on the part of Saltern satellite nation* to establish cootaat with 'representatives. ooastantf onissarlea fron the Iclfcacc i- arriving in latanbul. It Is, of course, vital fornto to asofce out these effort*, furfciormoro, tie doto.-loraticn ofrganisations andyapcthles in cr.r/ otratuK in tht Sklkaoaj the shifting of vital Oertaau iniuacrios to safer regions in Joatral Ilurope; theeed for protection froo saboteurs of oil fields, refineries and cotacunloatlcn linos in Ru=ania and Hungary; the reluetanoe of satellite eountrioa to supply additional division* andManpower to the Genans; the growing tenaloa orer territorial revision* and treatment of minorities between Hungary and Kuajanta, Bulgaria andnd Slovakia, Albania and Greece; tats fratricidal battlesrb* endhe ever-incroaBing ala given to tho Jj3oslav, Albanian and Greek guerrillas by the Allien all these are forcing theto Multiply their agenta ln tho Balkans and in Turkey,



of the uncertainty ofxt novo. Itadvioablo to procoas, as con as possible, all individuals beinconsidered for tho following posts:

Chief of Balkan Division



6 field operatives


6 field operative*


6 field operatives

Thar* will be need for at least two seoretarles for thi*

division. Cable, file olerk and guards, it is assumed, would

be covered by the overall KBTO Istanbul of Hoe.

Coror, looal regulations, housing and other faotore will determine location, site and type of headquarter!. Under idealhe Balkan Division would operate under ono cover suchank, axport-Lnport company, enbassy, aclentifloarticularly wwll-sltuated apartment house, eto. Bowwver, froo the standpoint ofreakdown into Isolated units would ba preferable sine* otherwise, should the enemy at aay time penetrate Into one unit, the entire organisation might be endangered. Whatever the phyeloal set-up of the headquarters of this division may be, internally th* isolation or separation should be fool-proof, to the extent that no doounentary evidence of th* existence of one section or area should be found in the files of another.


activities of the teo officer* ir. each of thecautioned above could be divided aswould be responsible for the handling of operativesenemy field (enployraont, dispatching Into theof contact, collection ofoegue woulc conjeatrata on theto be

found aaoog, or through, hie nationals oa thescene, tad on the ;oordlnatJ of autorial on mlng hie area coning free other Kiddle oaet sources.

Ia addition, one or both vould be assigned, when necessary, to assist la protecting aaoriean govoraasnt agencies located in Istanbul froa caecy ponotratlon. Again, lt would be their responsibility to prepare and keep up to !ato asile es possible of all :uapoct individuals aaon^ theirnationality groups,rl^ or loavlnguli to

all , end cultural ties between the

country of their lntorost and Turkey) and Co discover the identity, funotlon and movement of Hail agents through whatever Mllu presents itself.


there li any eueploloa that his oorer hae been discovered, an officer should be transferredow post.

would fall Into two groupsi one to be sent Into cneay territory toertain epeolflc mission) the other to track down agents engaged ln military, polllloal

or ecoaoatic espionage, or eaootage lagiven mm.

Probably in* oej: type of agent to panel ret* the field le *tM xi aha has lc,;itlaeteulrin- his prasaico inof zhfountries, witn natural racsona toccu-iisnal trips to Istanbul, such aa representativesall ostafalLahcd Industrialn-lneors,officials, officialsransportation soapony,, press repreaentatlvea, church di^nl-tarios, <rtc*

Another potential sourceht be the dissident rvinotity groupe fron oaoh country. Sone of these aalntain unoerground contacts with parallol political organisations in neighboring countries. (Kor example, the Agrarian parties in itulgaria aalntain -lose relations aith Haenek's Croatian peasant party in Jugoslavia. This is also true of persecuted religious -roups! Moslem, Cethnllo, Protestant, Jewish,luid operatives should never be brought to headquarters nor to field offloea except upon specific instructions from tho chief of the division. ile lt nl'hteiient, occasionally, for operatives to work in toa-u, for aeourlty reasons they will be employed inllTiduallyingle orflcer, and will maintain contact through hla alons. ost cases, thewill have no knowledge of each other.


officer will find his lsada through such sources aa shipping ooopar.iss, cultural relations organisations,anu cararclal representatives, export and inport companies, insurance oonpanies, tourist bureaus, scientific organisations, motion picture coepanies, press and press photo bureaus, radio, religious organisations, schools, newspaper studs (particularlyelling foreign period eels) and booksellers. onsiderable colony exists in Turkey of nationalsa of Uie Balkan countries and it say be thnt akey people will b* able to furnish the clue teno's Who." Cne of the tasks of the offloer would be the preparationossier on suspect looal residents of each nationality.

Tho offloer Will find hiaself surrounded not only by Bail espionage and counter-espionage organisations, including aibbentrep'a private political espionage bureau, but individual espionage unite representing group interests fron each of the Balkan oountrleo.


norpLiBs or xAzi

O AOil'lTS

heavy boohing of the two major Sail eapionage centers, Hamburg and Berlin, gives rise to peculation as to where the Abwehr and other Mail intelligence headquarters will be located. It eeens likely that the new headquarterl might te located soaewhore around Vienna, where Balkan divisional headquarters havo been established for sods time.

Shoull lurtoy auJdorJy alljn herself with Allies,yor* c' ther.aagentsUILsjspenetrate IWfeayu door is closed. It is to be expectci that thll influx of new Nasi agents will have to be of the keenest type, possessing the besx coveri therefore the nost dangoroue.


Is to be essuaed that io addition to contact with Britlsn intelligence,will have liaison with other establiahed Allied intelligence units such as the Free trench, i'ollah,n IstanbulT


is expected thatin iJashington

will supply its Balkan Division at Istanbul, through the luunl chn-uiols, with available vital information which night an used in the fiold, SI, SC. UC,t is suggested thnt an administrative aselatant bo attaohed to the offloe of the Theator OffloerETO, Washington, who will oollect, analyse, classify and channel sstterlel bearingiddle East aotlvitiea. particular attention ehould De paid to unearthing possible contacts in the kiddle East or enesty-oocupled oountrles who aay be reached and used in the reepeotlve territories. As aa illustration of asource within CSS for such contacts, there ie the Survey of Foreign Kxperte in Mew York which has Indexed taoueands of

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