Created: 1/1/1945

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Dear Ortello

I as. very sorry not to have been able to greet you before you left, not only because of theaveuorageous person llKe you, but also on account of the duties of hospitality.

Many little Questions have been left unsolvedummarize then here Dates: SS presentedystem ratherhould like to go on giving natural dates. Generally my news are comprehended lr one week time,on't understand very well tho objection. Please try to dpecify, from mynail be more exact.

Industrial Informqtave spent tdo muchod promised to severalunhll lightereward. Pleaae sendfeallyeika with tole-object-glass offent.amera migncn.

Flr.ancadeposit into the habdserson you trust, and who could functionashier at you ardors. It is sqsler to give orders than to carry money.

As you know perfectly well, It is necessry for me to bs puntual In my.-paying the others, since ell my agents have been removed from their ftou ses end they consequently live only onive them.m not punctula they are obliged to go back to their houses. To go and look for themery tlerying and dangerous thing for them and forad experiences that don't encuorage me to pay with my own personal money, Former experiences ofpoke withhey concern the visit of twolorgetti and others)

Ihink fair to discuss over tho thousand lires with whom could be shut any moment and finish hia life without any glory. During your trip In Italy you have only touched the risk, think of these that live In this risk day and night,

Iave had from, lire for tho months ofand December, withuspended. With other elements newlyave nowgents who costonth. It is necessary then toonth,um should be in my hands not after the forlast Saturday of every month, end to beexact everyf tho month. Con sou possibly os-ura me ofuntuellty? If you thinknauld receive within theof this month tne sum. c

If lt la not -loselbie it Is better to dismissoup, that wllL ulwuys be able to function wnen you WbntHlt, lnew vteek My trip to Bernu:ites having soon him Just for aI should like to corae over foray Just the necessary time to put him In the condition of never sneaking again. This with thecure naturally.

Cigarettes: Itad matterersonal one. Please remember .r

Presents for tag hawhould like toighter Dunhil from your part to the heads of my groups. They aref. this suit you will you send them down?

I shall be vary grateful if you giverompt answer toove askedhould cone in theDecember .



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