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CTi Suropa-Union SOOBOJB



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COUniolfTi Detailed material concerning subjermanof CHURCHILL'S British "rfew Commonwealthwhich sponsors tho ideaan-Suropanplus" material concerning the activities of COLONEL, who has been commissioned to organize the

Union in Land Hesse.

As can be seen from | organizational

activities are well undexwey, and it is planned that

take over the activerk for tht Union in Hesse in view of the potential dangers inherent in the structure of the Union. urvey of thefeatures of the orgn is to be found in the cover report attached.




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SUBJoCT: Suropa-Oaion

Aboutthat an acquaintance of

a former Abwebr officer now living in Frankfurt/Uain, had been offered the job of organising an alleged "non-political" organi zaticn within the US Zone.

On eported that the acauaintunce, one ffaltei

bCHJSBEACH. was under city arrest (allegedly by order of

L and SO,liajor LiSPERA'iCS) and that he fearedable to obtain the necessary permission to found teeund travol asasked by SCJWKBBACH

to bake the situation in hand, moKe inquiries aa to the require ments for licensing, and conduct tho negotiations with the Contr Office of the organization in MUnohen-Gladbach/Kncinland (Bsizon Tho documents narked as, etc" wore turned over by SCHWSBBACH at this time. Interesting ishe fact that, from the correspondence, it becomes apparent that SCH "raBBACH's being under city-arrest by the US authorities made no unfavorabl impression on the central office of the organization, EU30PA-UM hereinafter referred to as EU.

negotiations were taken ovor by

were made of Civil Administration UiVlBlbn, umcfl Offor Hesse, Wiesbaden, as to the requirements forof an organization such as EU, and onanhe Chairaan of the Central Office, Munchen-Gladbach, oneinvitedSCH7EB3ACH to Munchen^ladbacb. f

further negotiations. CoDies of corresoondence involved areAflnEX B.

tc MUnchen-

uladbach to conferesidenT HBHJJUS -regarding theof EU in the American Zone. ephew of former CDU chief in Berlin HaRtlES (theriend of Mariaives in Munchen-Gladbach, Hermannstr 6. The followingoted in the course of the visiti

he EU, because of its natureon-pertiaan organi zation (open to all personsflioraWn parties, glu or any other type ofill in all probability attr an Immense folio-fling, aside from the fact that the ideani btates of Europe will be especially popular with the Ger-sns und



the present circumstances. Therefore the EU willact haven for Germans fi-oo all political camoo and social clissos. for the continuation of the nazi-ailitar istic ideology under the cloakederalistic Europe. Ic short, the Pan-Germanic iaoa lives on in all its different'shs and theories.

ho EU will try to absorb as many organisationsas possible (organizations with similar ideas,sports clubs,ts aim is to become afor that reason it provides the opportunity of moreof other organizations, 3inco the EU plans tocontact with these. Directives and some initialthat effect have already been given to

i Jhas further been directed to establish conta-

Kith all political parties and win their support for EU througi na_Tie-pollticians in all parties. These contacts should give io) <ij better than ever penetration of the political panles.

d). For the "Pounding Committee" in Hesse, the EU wants not only politicians, but prominent personalities as well,ayors, business-mea, former or present Ministers withties. Here, too, there are excellent "penetration" possibilities.

ies with the Communist Party or individualnot especially desired by the EU, yet the instructionsadvised to be very diplomatic with Comaur

istsxand thoir Party. In case (which is believedommunist, insists onember of the EU, he is to bo take

The following factors an -lsc deserving cf consideration. Tht SO* calls itself the "German branch of the Hew Commonwealth Society"ritish organization, currently lod byhrough theU iB affiliated with similar Pan-European organizations in Switzerland. Franco and other countries. V

' onterestmg, but not er vitar

significance, is the confession made to

ES that the latter is related,-byo vv josei

onEEHIdBs visit is att>.cned as axiv.IX C.

Contact has already been established with Prof Dr QglLTOesbi*dsn. GETTER is wary of accepting trie Presidency of EU for Hesse (he appears to have expected the Pnc"=ld?^cy fcr uiiuihw-ixoureaiwAiwriBlu and support. GSIL^ ia noina

support. GSII.SI is Doing




asked for recommendations of good candidates for theretain the function of managing secretary. Contact

is also being established withSQimUSR (KPD Dr HILPBSg (CDU) and DrT- "hen the requiredpon-sors have beenpplication will be oade to OMGH for aon Land level. It should bo pointed out that HERMSS in Kiinchen-Gkadbach has provided

with several letters of intx'Oduction to leading perccriairtiBsraos in Hesse. Since possible attacks on thefiU are to be expected from the Pronkfurtei Rundschau, editor and licensee Karl GEROLD is to be recruitedponsor and member in order to provide an element of security. '



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