Created: 3/6/1947

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COMMBnTi Report on results of Consultation with Ex-Minister


Presidentho refused the poet of Land or Zonal President of the ETJ but who promised support in menborship. Information was received that GEILER had already been approached by COUDEoHOVB-KALERGI movement. Additional contacts with the KH) and the 8PD. Copies ofitems of correspondence attached.



Onisit was paid to Prof Dr GEILER. After the purpose and aim and general information concerning EU had been explained to him, he was asked to accept presidency of the Xandesgrupper even Zonil presidency for the US Zone. He had already heard of the ED* by name. He objected that the world might think that Germany was trying to pull herself out of her present' miserable position with the aid of tbe EU, which was rebutted with the statement that the EU was not German, but international. Germany wants to join in this movement andthe ideas of the Union. He then stated that beeep himself free for possible appointments in the near future (state court and the like). ountered that the EU was suprapartisah, he agreed that he would think it over and discuss it withriends. He suggested that the sponsors cf the orga isation, whose narjos go to KG, should be selected on asasis as possible.

Some time ago, GEELERetter fromwanted to winLER and announced the impendinga representative. He firstas this man. Iattention to theasnionStates to the exclusion of

At tho end of theote to hi3 sec retary of approximately the following content: as vis ed'by Mr (full name and address) in the name offfered me the position of president of Land,esgruppe Hessehe US Zone. eceived the directives and statutes of the EU The EU is not identical with themovement of COUD HGV3-KALERGI, which want3 the unification of Europeanhe exclusion of England. eserve decision and will send wo in tho next few days.

In order to win overonsider it necessary that he recall another invitation directly from the Central Direction, of tho, and for that reason the following telegram was sent on'lj Feb' Prof Drot averse in principle. Expect decision shor Suggest telegram HEIL3 to hiawith repeated request accept po ticn. EULEFt ill. Conference' apparently begin next weak.

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eceived the following telegram: Arrive there Monday on way Co Switzerland. ar-rar.go quarters and garage, ahjrop Union Silhela HER-iiSS.'

Cahe KPD was visited. In tbsence of BaUERo England) and alsoaUcauIL. Hoheth the union was dependent ono-epliedother organization was in Switzerland. mphasized that we were interested in having all parties representee, but that no party was to get extensive influence in the organization. .Afte studying the directives and statutes, he agreed to notifyf the stand cf the KPD in writing. ill repeat the visit next


visit to the SPD on the sano day brought also no positiveso far. KKC^KS wasalked tours pcrty functionary with tho typical narocw viewpoint. Even tiiou1 he agreed to talk toill repeat the visit,ave the impression that TJLLRICH, with his narrow views, did no understand the nature of the EU in spita ofplanations.

V/illi RICHTE8 of the Trade Unions is away, as is also QEUOLD of the Rundschau. Correspondence is attached.

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