Created: 10/8/1952

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My Dear Oeneral and Friendi

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have been informed by tbe Nicaraguan Ambassador in Washington, Doctor Seville Sacasa, concerning tbe discussion had with you regarding my proposal for the unification and modernization of the equipment of the Nicaraguan Army.

ave stated ln my recent visit to the United States and also in the reportave our distinguished friend. Colonel Mara, it is the constant and express desire of my government to culminate in putting into effect the modernisation of armaments for our National Anyecessary measure in relation to security against the communist threat which intensifies its gravity for the Central American countries of the type which is unfolding in Guatemala,

The economic and geographic location of these countries, offer them an opportunity to plant their ideas which become increasingly acre threatening.

X am confident your cognisance of this delicate situation, and it is the desire of my government to do everything in its power in the defense of the cause of democracy which is nobly enjoyed In the United States ofn taking the opportunity of the cordial friendship which you offer to solicit you valiant cooperation toobtain froa the illustrious government of your country the necessary back inc. to realize the projectave expressed, you may rest assured that you will beeal service to Nicaragua in its fight for the Ideals of the countries who support the cause of western civilization.

With my sincere expression for your health andm affectionately.

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