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bud In thotha Director. PTueeirt were the

Diree-tor oxpla-lncdhat all piano forcanceled. hen, pointed out tba ruerpons Utilities vathe people vho are. already In tba field and vho herre ccaa-

themend tha da&gera to the entire Caribbeantht.declaion reached yesterday. Tha Director replied, thatrally awem of the danger* inherent inec ia lcm, butAgency la - agency to carry oat thethe &rporta=nt of State and the lajpartjBcnt of Defense, and- ifve not to engage.ertaln operation,cnpvr.

in that operation.JJthen ccna>orrtod that the topartaeht of' State slight Very veil change its poaitloa in the near future bcCouoe of the ernloeive el tun* loo in tho Caribbean. To thla the Director agreed.

then stated that there had been davnlopeont* since V. vening to thand -that It appeared ve badthe necessary clearances for theof mwohlnory fromin spite of the.raleed yesterday by State. ha von Dot even auggcIaction in violation of thaby State yesterday, but that thla ehireaont could go outexcept that It vould 'beev ccaulgnco and to aander oar absolute control Tba Ocseral asked

vbat plooo did. nave lnaa it oar ovuT Vban the answertha efflroetlve, the Director telephonednd informed, binvera not shlp-plng the amchinery to tha country for whichoriginally destined, apparently we bad all the necessaryvould ship itlace of our OwnJ Although

^expressed blaseIf aa snrprlaed that ve bad such cLea.ranees,no objoction va*he Director authorised towith this shipment to our place if it could be securely sxrvacged and IX It vere true that noceaeary authorizations did exist.


, ed the aitention ofnnbor ofalreovay wobillred, end the need, of supplying KTFUo vith cash at

one*lcpiidntlon action if ve vere not to be even bo re esbarraoaed vith oar Cesrtral'Anerlcan frlento. Tha Director asked how ouch vaa

BaedecU eei. The Director aold bo would go along

for four weeks and

t 3

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