Created: 1/22/1953

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cia Historical review, program release as sanitized '


an 53

Conference: Mr. Dulles.5 Ur. Dulles stated:

s to be handled through command channels. Authority to purchase ship ups granted.

Authority to contributethrough secure channels is continued.

Authority given }lo order shipment without reference to Hq Is rescinded.

Conference; CK. CJ0

he had been instructed to obtainfrom talthough he personalis' bed done but little to date he was seeing


was concerned about L 3and directed him to have ^ eet JCK

in Panama byan.

an 53

Conference: r. Dulles. JCIC.IJ5

Ifr. Dulles cleared mo:tio for Seekford Kith Director, signed andor JCK to carry to Panane through Delias,

and Directed cables be Eyes Only

Robert A. Asclian. Asked for internal code. JCK.

Washington to be informed on policy, operational details left to [ 0

Code arranged.

Tan 53


delivered Reports c t'-Oports can be

disseminated (less. of

0 was to be tvrned overn to pouch to J1

but he has never received it.

L aysapproached I t cocfctsil perty in

iionduras to ssy re laievjo fixe bin, but after hearing of hisivork had decided not to.

C says Gustemla Station account dotm tomay be dipping into

Telephone "isner0

Says Dulleso ;ct C etter End corxients. Sosusettte au follow prepared:

"An Interesting possibility.', 'isny Guateiaalcn officers do abhor the Conounist influence in their Governnwnt an' retain their admiration he li.S. in spite of the fsot that they areetter off financially under tho present'.!e. Arbenc isay officer end :C; Share these biens, but there is no evidence to date that he has ever done anything about it.

Arevalo is in paris, living in luxury, and it in >iot hnovm when he plans to return to Guatcoala. Me does exert ^rcat influence, but hisulci not solve the Dxterralannd hand carried to Dulles secretary0 b> C J


Jan 53


statedunable to reaci; efore lie departed

Tegucigalpa, but oould continue trying to setto Panaris even iforra frouto LetJ'siov: of developments.



.ust located! ^ J. and will see him and Joe there early tomorrot;. i'.r. Zfulles sent cable to JC in Pananen above and say roul* info-.- Jnf decision if JC not able to sec hira, butn hovteturn vief there any chance of seeingroaised tof decision and showedEO tc ohsE.

Telephone fron JCK tc3

Lverythlng Oi* in Penoaa. U ec -otonstructions to hfci. JC leaving Penarean.

bring all the 'Jope.

an 53

Conference DullesO

J reported on JCK call. Dulles to say oeO notto Psnana.


lready given ncBsago tc Business therea;i<eyond today. o Loc Angeles fron there, Tiill be back Friday end nill keep us inf onnsd.

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