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regarding Guatemala with policy Planning Staff Mfhera of 8tatc Department

Department of State

Tnomas C. Mann, Acting Aselriant Secretaryter-Anerican Affaire Paul H. litre. Chief, Policy Planning Staff Ambassador Walter C. Tbnraton, Policy Planning Staff Joan B. Ferguson, Policy Planning Staff Lempton Berry, Policy Planning Staff

tbe invitation of Mr. Boreey,the Policy Planning Staff in Mr. litre'* office xaiv afternoon.

In response to questions, he stated that CIA has personnel in Guatemala in tho Embassy and also under unofficial cover. Its psychological and political warfare operations vera slow in developing because two years ago tha CIA Station Chief In the Bmboesy waa blown and had to be removed frcei the country. It took soae time to get personnel back into the country to begin operations. There have been otherthat hare sieved up the organizing of each operations, bat ve now have Beans of distributing pamphlets and other propaganda froa within the country. Ve have an organisation in Mexico that sends material Into tbe country and also one in Bbnduras which is responsible for radio broad casta toward Guatemala. These mechanisms are now about reedy to get going at an accelerated rate. The objectives will be to bring to the attention of the Guatemalan people the dangers of Coa-nanlsm, the extent to whichmmunlats have infiltrated into their Government, and to prepare their minds for supporting non-Communists should the latterovement against the Camaualets.

Mann statedelegram just received fromexpresses the opinion that the Guatemalan Army isbut will follow the orders of the President. Mr. Mannhis information is that the opposition cannot count on theof any Army officers. Be stated that one well-informedthe State Department proclaims the thesis that what themost in latin America is chaos followed by Americanstraighten affairs


3. Mr. Perguson raised tbe point tbat the psychologicalwarfare activities described byen-

courage armed opposition and Bight bring aboutstate of cbaoe tbat Mr. Mam referred to.

T f" /

Mr. Mannarallel between what is happening in Ouatcaala and what happened ln Mexico in tbe thirties. Ha said tbat President Cardenas, odrised by fallow trareler Lasttardo Toledano,and re form program that aroused the opposition ofMaxleao eleaKtita and American interests there. It went to sons extreme, but there waswing back to eonservatlSBi aad support of the United States In international affairs. Mr. Mann expressed the Tier that if the Internal political situation In the United States would permit, it would be viae to let things take their course, and he was sure that the pendulum in (tatteajala would swingo said that our policy should be to try to control theseas best ve could but not to get excited.

5. Mr. si tie pointed out that during the last twenty years the Communists have developed theirwhich makes theittle different in Guatemala froa what lt vas In Mexico. Mr.

pointed oat that Mexico waa sore self-contained than Guatemala; that the revolutionary tendencies of the peoples inneighboring on Guatemala sake Centralowder keg that eoold be set off by Ouatenala. Hr. Mitse asked Mr. Nana what he meant by controlling the situation la Guatemala, and the latter confessed that It would be difficult. Mr. Hitto seemed to recognise the need of social reform in Guatemala and the necessity for tbe United States workingong term policy that would not seem to be combatting social advancement.

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