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Meetingdvisoryn CFO

January 1'.

ArK ton

a Januaryad boo panel of scientific consultants was convened to review thsFlying Cbjtots" probloa. etail.of the prableat presented to tha eroup by CU is attached aa. The panel consisted of the following:

Dr. ftibtrtson, ?

Dr. lula-Alvares

Dr. S.roo^aven

Dr. Thornton Paso, ORJ Johns Hopkins

. rfc-nek, consultant to ATIC.

ceabera or the stsff of OSl vera present for various carta

of tbe

. CbadwcU . ..II' t. Col. Oler )

To assist tha scientific ranel In its tq*Uj and analysis of evidence: Cape.j, .lippelt of ATIC, IX. Ksaehaaa andr tho Kavy photo on lab at Aoacoaliej and Kajor Fournet and Capt. Snith of Air Fovea Directorate of InUllicanoa varal

A ficjl report on the results of the Jiestlcg is being preptrel for tbe AD/SI. Pumntjbut it Is believe! thit tte followingair state=ent of the conclusions reached:

Ka cvllvnct is nv? liablelc*te any physical threat to tbe security of the Cnlted States.

Wo evidence Is avallsblc to indicate tho existence or use ofes yet unknown (to us) fundamental aolenlific principles.

Thes not of direct Intelligence interest. It is of iflSiroct intelligence Interest only insofer as any knowledge about thensolved rysterles of the uilverss are of intelligence Interest.

A. The subjectis of operational interest for three reasons! Interference with air defense by Intentloral enegy Jarring or

by lack of ability on the part of operating personnel to dla-

crlmrnt? be We in radar ecoralaeac'.ual cirtarne weapons (b) Related tonterference with air defense ty pverloadlrg

ccca-anlcatlon lines froa tbe air dofenao observation stations!(o) Possibilitysychological offensive by tbe entry tinea1

with respect lo an actual.attac. could conceivably seriously

D.D. Stoveoson (Vsjpont)

Atonnoc panel of scientificA

conslctel of tha .

Dr. febartson, .CIT

Dr. '"

Dr. S.roohhavon

Dr. Thorntonahni Hopkins

. IJynek, consultant to ATIC.

I. ChaaVoll

. Clark -. Stro.-g


U. Col. War )

D.D. Stevenson (Weapons)

To aaslst tha scientific panel Jn its rvvteni and Mini* of eridencs;

Capt. JE. J. -uppelt of ATIC, U. and Kr. H. Uoo of tho Kavy pieto -Jn-erp.-uU'-.on lab al Araeoatiaji and Kejor Pouroet and Capt. Scith of Air Forca Directorate of vera pressnt..

f^lthe results of the iceetixg is being proparcl for tho AD/SI bygTc. rhuaanQout it is believe! that the followingairof tha crtnelusions reachedt

Ks evitence is -ivrilable to Indicate any physical threat to tbe 'security of the Cnited

Wo evMcnce ia available to indicate the existence or use of any as yet onknoaaa (to us) fundamental aeientific principles.

Tha subjaot "UTO- is not of direct intelligence interest. It la ef indirect Intelligence interest only Insofar as any knowledge about the lmracrable unsolved ryateries of tha universe nro of intelligence Interest.

AY The subjectis of operational interest for three reasons: (a) Interference with air defense by intentional anery Jizsing or

by lack ef ability on tha part of operating porceanel to dia-

eriaieaee between radar aaoaalies ana actual airborne vrepcas lb) Related tonterference with air defense ty overloading

eoaovanlcatio.'i lines frej the air dofenso observation stations/.'^ <o) Feasibilitysychological offonslro by tha eneey Ua*<l

with respect to an actualottac* could conceivably seriously

reduce tho defense effort of tho general public,

It ic noted thet these gcreivl conclusions as state] here do nst spsci fically answer tha neela presented la Apncalix A. Ksvevor, It Is antltdpat that oeesatat on these points ulll be presented intateaent free the scicntlfio panol to AO/si.

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