Created: 1/16/1953

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Dr. Gorton Pag*

Johns Boo'ilna University

Eoltloore, ilsryland

Dear Dr. Page:

You vill recall Inecientific Advisory renal on Coi dent If led Plying Object* vita Dro. S. P. Robertson aa Cbalrand, Sanuelit, Luis V. Alvares, Lloyd V. Fir'snar, end yourselfhjra. After its call bo ration, tha Pant! reached tvo conclufltcna and nade tvbdatloaa vhich vera Included aaf tha report. Very recently, tbo Air Force haa revested that tie ecaal-jicca of tile report bo declassified so that they ray lo used Ic tha press.opy of the report is enclosed hcrevtta for your information.

I have discussed thla natter vlthbertaoa cad Dr.-Coudanlt vho agree that the conclusion ecutoinod Innd the rceoaaendetloa contained In paragraph to caa be ccclaselfiad. Jfcit, thev, as Mil as this Agency, vill not agreecclosslf icfttlon of tho conclusiva Inr tiie rcccaatadatioa in psxacreph hb. It ia oar Choline that tho nsaoclotlon of the Fanel vith this Agencyt be disclosed! that1 could ba revrittea to alluinnte thiad that tha final six lines ofan atasd as vrittea.

I have eueried tho Air Fovco aa to whether the naacs of thevculd bo used. They have replied that nnaes vould bo usedofficial circles end vould not bo tlven to tbo press. But,iefcrsationendency at ticca to filter cut, it shouldthat, if opproval lo clveo for tso of tiethoybecarxt cosckaa i

Dr. Shorten Page.

Johns Bop&as University


Dear Dr.

You vill recall Invecltnbific Advisory Penel oa. Unidentified Flying Objects vita Dra.bcrtsoa aa Chaircaa, Samel Goudsadt, Luis V. Alvarez, Lloyd V. BflrSccor, and yourself aa aaabers. After lt3 dcllboratios, tha Panal reached tvo eoaduslcaa aal mik tvo reec^radatloaa vhich vero ineludad aaf tha report. Vory recently, Vie Air force has requested that tho ooaalustcers of this report ha declassified so that they cay le used in.press.opy of the report la enclosed herewith for your .

I have diaeuacod thio natter vlth Dr. fohertaon ond Dr. -Caudaait vho edxce that the coaclusioa ecvtalaea In paragraphand tha reeaanendatloa eoatslLad in paragraph ktx can be declassified. Pat, they, as veil asency> vllleoeclassification of the eoBclusiwa Inr the rccoaaeadattoa In paracroph 'th. It is ear feeling that the associatloa of the Panel vith this Agencyt bo disclosed! thatould ba revrittea to rl Ideate this cor^iaction; (ad that tha final olac Hats ofan otand lttea.

Z liavo cuortcd tho Air Force en to vhether ths naces of thevcild boey have replied that nancs vould ba usedofficial clrelcs and vould not bo cXvea to tbo pres3. Dut,infenatioaenancy at ticcs to filter cat, it shouldthat, if approvalcaf Viathcybecoao concoa


vould bo very cich appreciated if you could let cc kaov pa eooa ea pooelblo vhet your reaction ia to the Air Forceproposal! vfiethere vita Dr. Bobortsoo, Dr. Coudaalt and rryeelf oa llnltlns any dcclaosificetiont end vaetner ycu vould reprove orhe uco of your news, (Treated toat Aceacy connection vith tho Penal is vitbhcld.

Enolcsure UFO Peport


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