Created: 11/27/1953

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CA 21

3 PLACE: Pontagon


Lt. Cradrs. Collins andKI


Collins opc-ncd the discussion by statin* thatesult ofof all Naval faciiitioa inonly the following were

^mediately available for the puruosas

The space indicated in A. above would be coapartaonted and at thebo the onlyuilding which is located inbill*ts area atconmunications

was considered resolved although apociao. .Lines would have tD bethe esse Conraunicationa Building. These quarters would be Detailed questions pertaining to security, passesutilities and office equipment would have to be resolvedthe CG at the

DECISIONS: A. Codr. Collins was requested to secure area A. above pending formalization of request;

3'would arrange necessary formal letter required to formalize

this negotiation.

c*Would refer tho mattes* of communications to

for his action, vis. Adm. Amnions.

D. Cmdr. Collins wouldetter of introduction which wouldCJJ sue would enable him to establish proper rapport with thoW negotiate farther details. Thisould be datod

ecember and would bo presented personally byC the CG.

COJIwrSi It appears that area A. would be entirely suitable for the requirements of PBSUCCKSS and that the problems of security, utilities, housexeep:nr and communicationsll be resolved through the above procedures. The question of billeting staff personnel would have tosonai neeoLlafriom with Thisvwwi-vata'y

Jlta isolation fromeo^g-

to tne operations of this unit. The-

would be tne only title known to persons or.with the exception of

the CG who would havo to be informed,ONI, of the true parent




this should be entirely oral and not made a

of record. He would in turn be provided with the cover story in the event it becarac ncceesary tc explain to others the activity of this ur-it. iio difficulties are foreseen at this time in concluding the above arranpemer.ts.

AFTER ACTlOiJt The forepoinr, was reviewed with j. c. King who concurred in te the implementation of Ihe above decisions.

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