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Arrangements to date concerning Black Flight

1* C nitiated certainlackby plane of initial equipment to C- Is leaving

Headquartersand ia recording the progressdf such arrangements in vlewof the complexity of the problem and probable necessity for other responsible persons to know tho situation in his absence.

Following approval of the memo from CWH toof AMD was contacted and the problem from theSpecialists' point of view waa placed in uilding,rought

his three men into the picture insofar as the need for aand times, destinations,nd oubic loads ttifj beinga need-to-know

with DB/P's approval

document in order tohie Chief's approval to

cooperate.stated that at last he aaw the gist

of tha project's mission (surmised from weapons' allotment approval and deotination of Black flight approval) and to inform CVH that PM approval would be forthcoming on any related subject concerning the project with only the barest knowledge of the detailsull steam ahead with his best wishes and any necessary signature approval).

AMD and his

staff and presented the problem, giving him the following(some of the decisions herein being formulated after information discussed).

a.wouldounds, approximately

liO cubic feet, packed, rreT*re* far tUjht andintothe proper timeproper

loading facilities, etc.ssure sterility and security and positioning the plane-.C. ill insure the sterility and security measures of positioning the load on the plane.)

In carder to coordinate thia, AMD gave the name ofAir Traffic Coordinator,

AXD will brief

irjcedlately,e the flight in covcerned, and onwill notifywill get tpcether.

withof logistic* on receipt of notification of C- *J

awareneea of the problem.C J, who io our logistical planner

awareness of the problem.C ho io our logisticalthis phase of the project and who ia aware of bis partwill novo to ntermittently to control the

of the last-minute preparations. It Is estimated

that the best manner to insure coordination will be to have the spot to meet with & n entry into the field atof loading to insure concurrence with best securityfield.C s bird-dogging gathering, packing, andto the field and on receipt of notification

awareness willontact between himself and It

is contemplated that C imoelf will handle the J] and of it to insure isolation of flight knowledge. If notification of awarenoHO arrives before departure hia meeting will bo laid on and announced to responsible1 persons.

packaging, gathering, andare still in an unsettled state, but it Is notinsurmountable obstacle and the following are under wayt

1. Tho majority of the items are aeeuredly toC- anuary. They will arrive Inpackages, and C ill be on hand thedays to Insure proper sterility. Proper sterilityshaping of packages to resemblo farmwitho identify it to SEEKFORD'eand mingled-with certain open farm implementsthe deception. Since the plane will atoppick up cemmo equipment (see later this have stencils and equipment handy to mark justlast tnlceoff. In Spanish, Faro ImplemuntB. For

C ide the flight fron. U o

Commo Pickup point.

ii.insofar as

plana have been formulated to insure their capability of carrying out the above.

pickup date isanuary, and the exactarrival of *h- load at the plane will bo announced byaa soon as staffing is ccaiplete. should be passed rar.ediabely. Theinsofar as location oniB ooncemedpassed same manner when determined.

D. The plane willompletely sterilized even to technical equipment, narked with improved'

disavowing U.wnership. It ia oomln* in from

On arrival atand will

probably bo flown byU Jpilots. Thia ooror will be maintainedtime fron Commo pickup point, at which time

will disappear (responsibility of AMD) and pilots will assume dress and atmosphere of soldiers of fortune.

On completion of loading, the plane will depart C ime to ba designated after conplote staffing, and will land at C ield. Tho details of aecurlty of landing and departure forC r* the responsibility of AMD and ide forwarded whan determined. hare been aaaurcd that tho problems are notand that our security requirements are understood. tiro andoffloading will be forthcoming frco AMD tc Cm

F. C ill have on hand at tho dosignated0 pounds of comwo Packing andr.ovenent to point of plane loading to be responsibility of

and coordination effected between him and AMD on this subject can bo explained in detail by him.

3. SEEKPOfcDn inajracted to deteralne thoughthaiaatruotions on "hnl roouirem*nta

he lays on the actions at his fieldinsofar


arrival, end confirmation Jan. lit date.



instructions (including rofuallng Instructions).


SEKKFGKD has been instructed as to the urgent needinstructions and expects to get them to us via cable.thle office, byS Thia officothe infornaUon to AX) lanodiately.from Lincoln,

will also pass the Instructions to prevent failure of receipt of information.

If, for avyhe date of arrivallaid ondo not concur with SEBKFOftD>a

Instructions, it would be more feasible to work towards changing hie roqulromonto than changing AMD plans. Due to the time factor, itecessity that parallel development procedures be goingmultanaoualy.


1;. SSKKFOEIi haa made preliminary arrangements for overall transportation which insure his ability to gain specificfor this load and to gain arrival security precautions necessary. SESKFCfiD is securing truckage from

Unloading craw to be RUFUS men. He has beenPM equipment will be deaignatod MM ondist of theand cubage. He has boon instructed to havebo separate .MM and truck immediately to PM trainingknows that Coiwo training equipment is to be on theXX and that h6 is to truck immediately to Comroo trainingnot know on departure, that other Commoather sizeable portion of tho shipment, would bo onis being informed by cable and will be instructed as to sizeand that it is to bo stored under our protectionthe commo training site, if, as expected, the PP site is-ft* receipt of same. SEEKFORD is aware of the needprotection from local interference of the plane's

activity* or tho offloading and ticking-to-site proceduresthat although th* exact mpnnar cannot bo predioted

at this time iturety thatcan insure same

poken work and that it will be done.

<. oating with AMD just prior to

with C- Jshould tie down more of the above and will be reported on by C J9 following should be the probable sequence of events:

A. Confirmation of time departure flight

with loading instructions received from AMD.

8. Samo.C ield.

effectedproblems resulting from their coordination meeting presented

for Security perusal.

of C equirements and dissemination of

those requirements to AMD.

Continuation of work bynd relay of progress Info, to PBSUCCESS.

ff. Continuation of C athering and packagingaid and overseeing to insure conformance with PBSUCCESS


6, Hote: This paragraph is the resulteeting at UiOO this date, and make3 report by C nnecessary.

A. The only chanpas coming from the meeting are 1. 7 from C ield will transport thethe morning of This plana will

load0 onh. C a to contactC. ny time after the fifth. 7 will be offloaded onto the DC-6

on arrivalield. It will RON awlccord witharrival requirements,

Somrao gear will be loaded onh.

understands that lte point ofat tho gate I

iS octano gasoline is not topover will bo arranged by AMD at West Palm Boach,


k. AMD willersonal representative at Westovar prior toh who will ba in contact with Dillon.

3. After conferring id th AMD and noting their thorough nannor of handling this particular project, it is rocccawnded that aa little supervision as possible outside of that outlined ine exercized over their planning of this operation.

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