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Mr. Berry from State happened to be in aid that he had already seen

he was now interested in obtaining official non-

ports and/or minutes of the meeting at which the Guat Amb had voted negatively on the proposed item for the OAS agenda. Mr. Berry said that he and *ir. Leddy would obtain such non-eensitive material.

ssessment;aseneral informal briefing on the latest developments concerning PBSUCCESS. He was informed that the "assessmentas progressing as follows:

Ouatemala assessing Mexico Tsessing El Salvador

assessing Honduras assessing Guat Connunist organisations

was further^ifonned about current overseas^ctivities of t omPoC. EEI's on Rufus'nd 3'slated to oe in place at the Embassy on or aboutec). as given to understand that the deadline for completion of theaBe was x5nd that the intention was to have theand preliminary operational plans out of the way before Christmas so that the forward base could be established forthwith at "Lincoln."

3- LINCOLN: as briefed on the proposed setup at "Lincoln" wharf 47 ccoapanied b; C 3 safehouse representativeonroo representative would be working over the weekend to arrange for operations base, coaoo station and three safehouses.

Ii. SANTA FE: It was reported tohat the broadcasting


eility at "Santa Pe" ia shaping op according to plans andeople expect to have everything in readiness by

1 Jan

5- an further informed about the current visit

of nil represent* Mves JT atand

'our plans for t ndindigenous personnel (to be ro-crulted by L 3and RUFUS) to be moved to "Lincoln" late in December.

Training: Mention waa made of training plans foreader-type RUFU'* men to start approximately 1it was statedL ould prepare appropriate training agenda plus equipment requirements in connection with this training.

Planning: It was further stated thattT ould concen-tr"to on operational planning for PM activities in connection with PRSUCCESS. Basic psychological warfare and political action planning is progressing and is in the procens of being firmed up andas soon ashio indigenous staff are in place at tho forward operational base.

r 0. Military Vlsaiona: as brought up to date on

current efforts concerning the ILLlltary Missions (briefing

ol tho Chiefs) covered by memos for tho record, dtd 2h, He was toldwas making some progress but

might need some high-level backing within the next few days in order to clinch the issue.

9. Briefing of State personnelt iscussed with Vt. Berryrief-nf,cf .Vr. lis Deputy, an! i: aaj declnea that Kr. Berrying should brief Cabot as soon as practicable. This had been ok'd by Gen. Smith. nd Berry agreed upon measures whereby Mr. Leddy would be protected inwith the briefing of Cabot.

10. FBI Clearance: ln connection with the plans concernini'ueried whether this had been "cleared with tha" Bureau"? as unable to answer this but sUted that we would' handle this angle in due course. ubsequently reportedas well as all other information contained in thisL ho said that the FBI clearance had been brought up at the recent briefing of DCI, DDCI andnd that it had been decided on tnat occasion that it should be done in due course when the "Lincoln" structure had been firmed up.)

U. PBSOCCESSt was reported tohatunit was getting organized and all set toa team under the leadership ofit was emphasized

tnat "oil-qualified, enthusiastic people were oeing assigned to the team and that everybody would be in place at hoe* and abroad immediately after New Tear.

12* Current Situation; It was emphasized tohat SSSfremarks inlaces seem to indicate that PBSUCCESS might be ovortaken by events" or "that the climate in the target country was such that maybe the PBSUCCESS job would be much easier than originally expected"I ppeared to agree that such ideas should not be worded or permitted to prevail. He further agreed.thatell-rounded, methodical and secure operation could achieve the objective in its entirety.

13. as notifiedomplete briefing would be laid on for DCI, DDCI, COP and himself (according to his personal wishes) when the assessment stage and subsequent preliminary operational planning were completed sometime before Christmas. This briefing would cover the status of the various measures including military aid to three neighboring countries, economic pressures, etc,

XJj- eeting,: oldf my own plans in respect to visiting "Lincoln" and the scheduled WH regional meeting at Havana over the weekend and early next week for Uie sake of order.


Hans v. toftk

Chief, PP/Ops


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