Created: 12/1/1953

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PERSONS PRESENT: Col. King.Kr. Tofte,


The meeting opened with JC reviewing briefly the fact thathau

been subpoenaed by. attorney in New York to appearitnessoban arms transaction ln which it was explained that every effort was being made through high level channels to call off the dogs. This could be serious however as an expose' of the Cuban angl^ Bighterious effect on the Guatemalan arms deals.

t riefly reviewed the following Admin problems with JCi

A. PH officer. It was pointed outull-timeofficer was required soonest to prepare the necessary'forttie PM program for PBSUCCESS and

roconr.ended highly by t erson fully qualified toduties and ha is presently erai-lable. JC agresd to takejpcccreendntlcn and indicated he would follow throughwith Oen. Woickorling in order to obtain

ment. He would do so

8* Economic Warfare Officer. It was pointed out that

t a9 presently assigned to WflD and lt was desired that he oe retained on the staff of PBSUCCESS, working between the Miami-station and Washington on economic matters and that he be retained on histatus, thuslot on PBSUCCESS. JC agreed to the latter proposal.

c. FX Officer. It waa pointed out that the needeniorofficer in addition to the intelligence analystnecessary to have such an officer to supervise all FI aspectsin order to Insure proper coordination and supervisionImportant activities. The question was raised whether or ould be available as originally JCthe needenior FT officer and stated that Jfit this requirement and, accordingly, baave toother suitable officer. Offhand hebe

made available for these duties and he would advise C n due course re this.


Officer. It was recoranerxied thatas the logistics officer for pbsuccess owing to thehaving someone with background knowledge such as he has. to this asaignment.

Asst. Banoy agreed to acceptbased on her

experience aa indicated in the files ana oca raccra&enaaticn. It was learnedhe would be availableecember.

officer, Ouatemala.jcable from

which indicated that ne would not bo able to close out his

station and report to Ouatemala until aboutecember and thatlike to takeays leave, if possible. L dvisedhe was needed now in Ouatemala and that leavo could notif the project wore tc nove along on schedule sswould require some time in getting settled and

acquiring oacKground knowledge before he would be valuable. Hisnot be lost on leave. Thla waa agreed to and jc said hea coble requestingto report at Guatemala

Embassy on/aboutecember for duty.

It was pointed out that weecretarialwhich we desired to fill. It was recommended thstC e consideredecretarial position in view ofexperience in Ouatemala. In view of her presentWED, jc was reluctant to go outaide of WH to fill this andwould determine whether anyone was available from Panama forand would so advise,

jc was brought up to date on the plans for the forthcoming visit tothe firming-up of th.and operational safehouse as

well as communications.


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