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SUBJECT: USAF Support to CU Overseas

1* ecember, Hr. George Garrett and Col* Jo l. Cole, both of the Directorate of Intelligence, USAF, visited Liaison Control Branch toetter dated3 addressed to Lt.. Partridge, Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations, UsAF, from Kaj. Gen. Reubenood, Commander, Caribbean Air CommandH New Orleans.) General Hood referred to Department cf the Air Force letter of3 to Director, Central Intelligence Agency, Subject: Support of CIA Operation inhort Title!ndequestIA representative in Ban Salvador for Air Mission supportlight from San Salvador to Tegucigalpa toound shipment. The shipment kob transported on3 and was delivered to the Chief of the Air Misaion in Honduras for delivery to an unnamed CIA According to General Hood the shipment was made by Air Mission aircraft in order to circumvent Customs procedures of either Honduras or San Salvador.

2. General Hood suggested that callsr Force support be

rather than to the Air Mission that may also be operating ln the same country. Ceneral Hood't letter vas referred to Directorate of Intelligence, USAF, for action, as attachesart of the Directorate of Intelligence. Col. Cole end Mr. Cerrett were unaware ofut wereopy during the course of cur discussion. They both admitted that lt seemed to grant authority for Air Force support of CIA under practically any conditions. Thej also pointed out_ that__Air^Attaches are underbe.JJire feence to secure^ashington authority before jiiyinfi. .support to CIAin the field*.

It would appecr, therefore, that procedures of the Air Attache Branch may conflict with the authority conveyed inm certain that Mr. Garrett and Col. Cole will investigate the extent of this conflict fend believe that we should be prepared to support the provisions ofn case they are questioned by the Directorate of Intelligence.

U. In closing, Mr. Garrett remarked that the authority delegated inoujd also conflict vith tho authority wielded by U. S. Ambassadors abroad if clandestine support activities were undertaken without anknowledge. He also commented on the position of the Chief of Staff, USAF, in granting authority to support activities that could violateagreements or the statutes or otherituation that appears to exist in connection with the flight of October

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