Created: 12/4/1953

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1. Col.Mr* Tofteon

33 to oibuube certain operationali wsajCCESS. The following decisions were reached:

activities of the Guatemala Station and allpersonnel assigned to Honduras will be directly subordinate

to WH Deputy PBSUCCESS. Activities of other WH stations relating directly to PBSUCCESS will be cleared through and approved by WH Deputy PBSUCCESS. Other station activities will be directed through normal channels.

responsibilities, priorities and relationshipsdiscussed with interested field personnel' at BEHOLD.

will give further study to PBSUCCESS financial organisation.

project field command post will be established atand other communications from the field will beto LINCOLN by the most expeditious means available. such messages will aleo be sent direct to headquarters. CWH

will be provided with copies of directives from LINCOLN to the field.

the period in which CP PBSUCCESS remains atorders will be prepared by WH Admin, at the request ofPBSUCCESS. Following displacement to LINCOLN they willby the field CP In accordance with normal field

Admin, will handle all details of personnelare not normally the responsibility of field stations.

career interests of personnel assigned to PBSUCCESS willsafeguarded.

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