Created: 12/12/1953

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FORi Chief, Veatern Hemisphere Division

Dr. Julio Ketrada de la Hot.

toH dtdovenber, aama


1. The reference nenorandum, tbe eutatance of which vat discussed today by the director and the undersigned with Mra. Mary Lord of tho US/iiN Delegation, le returned vith thanks. For your inform*tion Mrs. Lord vas sppreciatlve of the background Information and stronglyends that ve continue to watch dc la Hot carefully, keeping an eye on Ma ectlvltlea both at home (in Ouatemala) and abroad. Mrs. Lord atated that de la Roa seemed clearly to be tha focal point of trouble InBtemala Delegation st theAssembly. Ra vasobnoxious and ccnplstelr hostile to the OS In his utterances, both public and private. Aa long sa he vas ln the delegation,voted againat the OS position at almost every opportunity, and only after his departure did the Aiateaalan Delegation begin to show any decree of cooperation* In fact there vaaot ofand aome favorable rotes from the Guatemalan Delegation during the latter pert of the recently-concluded session. Shortly prior to da la Hoa' departure he boasted that he vaa returning to Ouatemala forery "Important purposes"among others, to take up his duties as Oeneral 'ecretsry of hie political party.

2. hould think that It might be worth while for uaody de ls Hoi very carofQlly and collect soce additional In Toms tion on his Idiosyncrasies am weak points,iew tc launching aof attack againat him as vail ss to discredit him, not only at hoao but also abroad. Plsase let me know whether you believe thla toeasible undertaking. Tou Might wish to peas cnnd solicit the assistance of thst "taff.


i.ef memo withof PC*rom TCI tcoi PPFPCCSSS

. TofteP


FRANKISNSR Deputy Director (Plans)

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