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following appears at p.f Progressy the Under Secretary of State on NSC lhh/land Courses of Action with Respect to LA):

atter of policy it has been decided. Army snd Air Force Missions should be maintained In Guatemala, even though the present Guatemalan Government is strongly influenced by Communists. Guatemalan Armed Forces apparently have not been infiltrated by the Communists and appear to be the most significant element in Ouatemala capable of influencing the present undesirable political situation." . Missions could perform thr useful role of promoting. attitudes among Guatemalan military personnel. Although the agreements with Guatemala have expired, the Guatemalan Government continues to observe their provisions and there are indications that Guatemala desires to retain the missions." (Underscoring supplied).

above ties in with State Instruction No.ated

lio Managua. San Salvador and Tegucigalpa, stating that Defense had in responsetate request recommended to State that Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras be included in the grant-aid military assistance program. One reason given for this decision was:

"Second. The possibility that the implicit emphasis of Guatemala's ineligibility to receive crant assistance, in the face of. assistance to neighboring states, would helpolitical climate in Guatemala beneficial to anti-Communist Guatemalan elements, including elements initemlan armed forcessej to combat Communistof the present Guatemalan Government." (Underscoring supplied).




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