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FORi Chief, Western liBalaphere Division I PUSUCCLSS

purpose of thla memorandum Is to pass on tothe othere directly eoncemed with thla operationrequiring the application ofwall as certain aaterlal and Information relevant tomentioned program. ppreciate tbat you are already

f aad liar with certain of the points and information set forth ln thla Memorandumm including them nerertheleea for the purpose af emphasis and in order to be certain tbat appropriate action Is being taken by all oon earned. ropose toeeting early next week for the purpose of following upe of these points and also to discuss waye and meane of kaaping all of the staff currently informed of tbe moat recent developments whlohearing upon their respective responsibilities.

a conversation whloh took plane in the Director'on3 with Mr. Cabot, the latterthe Director and myaalf his full acceptance of thethis operation and hla understanding that all actionscoordinated. Be expressed himself aa beingto perform any of the responsibilities which Stateand appeared to be fully aware of the importancetiming and follow-through. Ve dlecuaeed toelegram ofecember and Nr. Cabotmy point that some of the more sensitive aspeota ofnight better have been Bent via our ohsnnels. that he mightersonal note to thethese lines,hink thisatter which wewith him again early next week to see what he hasimportant, we undertook to consider all of thele put forward by tbe Ambassador In hie telegram,gotten up our own position as to the desirabilityof each of these proposals, to alt down withLeddy and Dick Berry early next week to exchange ideasresponsibility for action. We said to Nr. Cabot that

we considered that the withdrawal of the military mission would

remature at the present time and he appeared to acree. there waa some dlacuaalon of the proposal that there ahoulduspenalao of POL shipments snd It was agreed that this ahould be further studied. (Just where do wa stand on this item and who. If anyone, haa undertaken to oarry the balli.e. Just what ls the etatus of thla aatter at the preuent time.) If anything has been done with tha shippers aid suppliers of POL, who should approaoh them ss between ourselves and State and what ahould be tbe nstore of the proposal aod approaoh. Concerning the proposed campaign through calumniate and radio oommentatori for volunteer refusal of American ooffee importers to buy ooffee, Mr. Cabot expressed some concern on the grounds that it might be dangerous to stir up OS public opinion prematurely. Bla thought was that if public opinion should beoome too aroused and exalted, there might be embarrassing densnde for action upon the Government frcsi Congressional and other quarters which would be premature( or in some caseair.feaslble. In other words, he thought that the domestic pot ahould not be broughtoll too soon. Tha real target for thla aspeot of the "war of nerves" would be the people of the target area, including in particular those wbo would be thadirectly injuredoycott. Action la required at the present lime in thla eonneetloni we ahould see to lt that word ls spread about in the target area to the effect that there have been meetings of tho principal ooffee importers of this country end that they are currently considering the reduction and even the suspension of their ooffee Importations, and that beoause of their hatred of Communism, it appears likely that at least some of them would be willing to accept tha damage to their private buainees which would be entailed.

3. Mr. Cabot emphasised the importanceuick culmination of the "operational" aspects i" the program once they have actually begun. If the aatter sputters end drags out, there will be "the most awful meas" and otber nations will probably beoome involved diaadvantageously.

L. Attached heretolapatch which reached ay desk yesterday afternoon from our Chief of Station enoloeing the full text of theemorandum of conversation which formed the baalaortion of hie telegram ofecember. This should be carefully studied by all concerned since there era items of information and other points and euggeetlons apparent ln thia material which we can work on end make use of as on themes and otherwise.

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