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hybat ^ufrtj Intimation

Proa: Guatemala City,Report Ko: g Local Pile Ho:

ho. of paces: 3 pf

Report Hade By: Clara M. Heagev/cmn Approved3. Ql


By copy to: to: No

Source Cryptony: Stephen H. LTJGTOH Referencea:

Source, Operational Data, and Conne&ta:

sleeker who obtains verbatim copies

of the weekly reports sent by courier to PGTby conaaunlst party agents in Honduraa and Salvador.

Securitf Information


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Securit/ Information Subject: Miscellaneous Communist Report No: hGG-Il1$


Date of Information: 3 -


Place Acquired: ll

Evaluation: Aaof Report:4

Source: Individuals with excellent-contacts in the Partldo ^uatemaltecc del Trabajo (POT-Communist).

has been observed that leaders of the Partido Guatemalteoo(PGT) seem quite worried over the number ofcell leaders in the various departments throughout theleaders blame this on Increased anti-Communist activitypart of priests who have been vory active throughoutin denouncing Communist doctrines as non-Christian.


It has been learned that Miguel Angel CEA and Jose Inocente GUERRERO (possibly GUTIERREZ) have reached PGT headquarters after having escaped from prison in San

Justino AlfiADEO Gudiel, Guatemalan communist party agent in San Salvador,eekly report dated3 to the Secretary General of the PGT (Jose Manuel PORTUHY) in Guatemala. In part, it stated that the Salvadoran government"was furious over the escape accomplished by comrades Jose Inooente GUTIERREZ, Miguel Angel CEA and Juan Antonio DIAZ and is making reprisals against individuals who had no part in the escape. It stated that there was disappointment that the escape had not taken place at nightfall as planned but added that an opportunity had arisen and the prisoners had taken advantage of it. According to the report, the whole city was aware that something was happening because of the noise made by police patrol cars going out to coverhighways. Then It wa3 learned that some political prisoners had escaped but their identities were not known until the arrival of comrade CUESTALeon who reported that the friem had accomplished their objective. 'clock that afternoon it was rumored that they had been recaptured but this was done only to protect the police whom the press had attacked for not guardin the prisoners more

Ij.. In his weekly report, datedo the Secretary General of the PGT, Justino AJAADEO Gudiel, Guatemalan communist party agent in Salvador, stated that in the telegram he had just sent the Secretary General stating thattrucks to pick up the vegetables had left the country he was referring to the comrades


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had escaped. He then stated that In the aamo telegram he had askedeparate part for another truck and that thia referred to comrade David IBARRA Sayos who had not yet been sent and who was urgently needed.


his weekly report to the Secretary General of the PGT indatedustino AJiADSOnt In San Salvador, stated that during theon that date.there had been many arrests of memberssyndicates, both in San Salvador and the departments,not affiliated with the communist party but who hadas Communists and detained because they had backed the


In his weekly report to the Secretary General of tho PGT indatedustino AMADEO Gudiel, Communist agor in Salvador, stated that on3 comrade Arnulfo SOL^IOS Cornejo had been seriously wounded in Santa Ana. Accordlr to AMADEO, it happoned at'clock In the eveningestaurant where SOLAR KS was conversing with various friends on the true nature of communism. At the next table there were twc or three unknown Indlviduale, one of whom got up and hit SOLARES wno, alnce he was armed, pulled out his pistol to fire at his attacker. Ho aaa not able to fire because his attacker rapidly disarmed him and shot him twice In the thorax with the same gun. It is considered probable that these individuals were from the police since they quiotly walked out of the place and the ownera of the establishment state that they were never arrested. )

In his weekly report to the Secretary General of the PGT indatedustino AMADEO Gudiel, Communist ager in Salvador, statodhorough search of the home of Don Melquide3 ARRIVILLAGA had boon made on3'clc in the evening. Nothing was found but the searchers were probably looking for communist propaganda or some of the comrades since two of them had been living there until their departure aomo two month ago because of the same type of

Juan DUCOUDRAY, communist narty agent In Honduras,eport dated3 to the sodretarv General of the PGT in Guatemala. Under the title "Surveillance" he stated that the charges (the Guatemalan exiles) were enjoying, together with exiles from other countries, coraolete freedom since they met frequently in the offices or homes of high offlcialea of the Unite Fruit Company. He stated that these meetings take place during th day and also at night. He added that as yet nothing had been loar as to tne object of tnose meetings but that everything was being done in order to find out.






n the night of3 Jaime DIAZPGT headquarters. He appeared to be slightly drunic announced to his "comrades" that he hod somethingsay. He went on to state that President ARB2NZ hadto the effect that modern armament Inhad passed from Honduras to Salvador and thatforhere the arms originated, wasFLORES Cobar. He said that this confirmed pastsome trucks on the roads of the port of Tela werewith arms. He mentioned that it would be wlso for the

Chief of the Armed Forces to make aome changes in the heads of border outposts because that is where things can etart and that these persons should be changed frequently so that they do not become friendly and allow themselvesto be bought off, addingp to the time he ar-oke all of the military men were "with


hla weekly report to the Secretary General of the PGT isidatedustino AMADEO GUDIEL,party agent in Salvador, stated that in meaaage Ho.by him the writer statea that arms are passing, overfrom Honduras. AMADEO said that he could neitherdeny this report but mentioned that he had alrorjdyseveral trucks had arrived from Tela in Hondrj/as andcargo was delivered to several comiiercial rSan Salvador. He stated that the outstanding factshipments was that they wero notthe streetinside the buiiainga. Ho coucluded bya**not been noted recently but that conditions made itto operate covertly.

uan DUCOUDRAY, Guatemalan communist party agent in Honduras

eport, datedo the Secretary General of the PGT In Guatemala. Under the headinge stated that during the last few weeks no information had fcreen obtained concerning the departure of trucks carrying the type of merchandise mentioned in message He agreed that activities had been'curtailed but stated that this type ofis well known and that Although it had not been possible to check bundles or boxea. Information concerning such'a shipment would become known due to the size and shape of the cartons unless they wero transported through official ohannels or in official vehicles since it is impossible to even get near such channels. He concluded by stating that such ia poaaible but that he was not sure. Under the heading "Surveillance" he stated that his group had been very active in trying to follow theof exiles but that nothing further had been done than to establish that their relations are always with commercial firms or individuals and that they visit tho homes of high officials of the United Fruit Company at night. He addod that such places are being watched mostcarefully because those people are the ones who could most easily obtain the merchandise mentioned in the note,

(Case offlcor's note: To fee beat of the case officer's knowledge no member of the exile group haa visited homes of United Fruit 1


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Company executives during the past month.)

Under the heading "Ports" he stated that efforts had beengain friends in the ports in order to ascertain whetherany of the merchandise mentioned was brought in asrather than through customs channels. He said thatbeen working day and night with completely negative

eekly report to the Secretary General of the fGTustino AMADEO Gudiel, Guatemalan communist party agent in Salvador, stated that Arnulfon outstanding loader of the barbers' union residing In El Salvador, had been taken from his own home during the night of3 and accused of distributing Communistwithin his union. He said that this Individual in not connected with "our" group and that tho arrest had probably been made on the basisenunciation apparently made for personal reasons. He added that although no information had been develop< proving his guilt, he was still in jail.


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