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T0 : Chief, HHD

Chief of Station,



INFO: Lincoln

of Carloa CASTILLO Armas

a matter of possible interest there are enclosed copiesemorandum datod3 addressed to Anbassado John E. PEURIPOY by an Embassy officer and containing certain statements regarding-subject and associates, revolutionary activities, attempts by the Guatemalan government to purchase airplanes, otc.




Memo as noted




Source is Identical with the person mentioned injflS.



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B. E- Oris*

Activities of Colonel Carlo* CA5TTLLC Aram and Oaabers of Hi* Croup in 3jt ill,!

I ess visited this afternoonource who has Sn the peat given tha Erbaeay rollabla inforanUon on agrarian mattero. ovo known bin for some ttao, wa havo recently boooas nore friendly, and lt aaa not until todayearned of hla connection with Individuals Oaffr/tas on subversive activities In Guatemala.

Tha souroo told aa that be waa Colonel Carlos CASTILLO Arams' representative sad contact warn for tha DOlverelty antl-co^uniot student group. He told aa that about Wo weaka ago he bad receivedletter froa tha Colonel asking hla to take charge of ths Dnivsrsltj wineinea auulh publicitywhich would pre-cede allitary action against tbo ARBKTE ajaej njsnt. Tha aource aald that bs had written Colonel Castillo Armaa advising hla that, in his opinion, three months waa far tooeriod fortenpalen,ce-ecnth period instead.

Tho source then showed ma ths latest reply received froa Colonel Oaaeaflae' iraat Itypewritten Letter delivered by messenger,, aland by -Kr. King- and BScoda Daaea^Taa -Don aSiro%nd Tn this letter Colonel Castillo Arams told the aource tbat be was in-Otttjlgreo with bis idea ofoao-eonth period of proparatloa for theand anted the aource to est In touchontact known to Ma for further icstruo-tions.

The aource said that bo was not too happy about tho aatter, osoausa wbtlo he has implicit faith In Colonel Castillo Arams as an Individual, the comber ofseal in of tee opposition la tbe Castillo Armas caap aay not be sntOoiesttr large to overcoee the Qovwroasat farose. Ee said bs was not referring to tbe Amy so auoh ss the niacellaaooua araed ladtridaals in Covernnant eaplaraenU He said that ho had actually seen saall arms such as carbines in tbe national Agrarian De-pareaent (DAR) office and that he bas it on {pod authorityertain nvabsr of leaders of eaoh labor union have been araed by tho Oowernears.

lith reference to tho United States Ouveiuaaut, bo aald that bis group was fully aware that the titltod Statea had done all that could be expected of it, and tbat the militant opposition to the Governaent appreciated very each U. S. steps to prevent entrance of anas Into Guatemala, "even though that also has af footed us."

On th* subject of area, be said that he had just picked up tbe followingwhloh he bad bean unable to verify in its entirely* although ho know pert

of It to bo corrooti severaloOooolf the Quatenelan(probably colonel Felipe, AntonioChief ofecs lanash on hi* person ln on effort to bribe any

indlvldnals who would stand ia tha way ofirplanos which tho Ojateaslan Amyanxious to purchase.

the source told cn that thorevolt ofas thecm Individual, Kr. Carlos SUCKS. Ha plained this oy laying

tbat tbainoidant was not aupposad to have talon pLoca, that is. the aatlllo Anas groupuch nore lnoluaive plan for revolts throughout the

the treachery of one man who confided the

plot to Ur. Simons that tha ^alana incident waa provoked. kr.ollomir

into the oSJ^

J**Jllo/raaa rxoup,and. when he found outrreoent was in proooaa.ride ln on the cxwttallo of the other oppositionwioa

f sr. Juen CORDOVA Carna, oppo-

He said that he roceivodY^

L^S0 AnMJ'tlaa. Sa said ha actually did not )m, tat saapoctod he was no Longer in Eondanu and was operatinr froaE!

its possible part in tS^iST

Arams operation, he said that ho auepsctad mm cosjaxiicatLo^ were oaxrladbr

r^^lthat it io cot^jSytoS tho

rcaoval of Colonel eUMBB aa KlnLeter of Defense of EL Evador was ooix-Udway with the Castillo Armswas oornooiM in

STJffonWmBJion he indlcatod that he was nervous an] worried about the situation and poaalble results of any action taken aralnat tho

ticiP-tion^lSf"haw, the responsibilityife and

twothese boyo pLay for keeps."

th.not noed "Vthat, aa stated abova,

the n. S. CknTcrnantv* then nothing at this time. He Lamented the Lack of aprai fiber in the ^raat majority oi' Ouatamla'a oppoaition and aald that ha wished


lixe the two couple, you act at mg house Uat week.- Re waa roferrln, to two younc narricri cr-plea *e. LTisttightoall oarty at the

In npcculatirs- on what would happenuccessful rwvolt wore to take placo, heao- dladain for He Guatemalan Artqy and aald that any efforts tho opposition makes -sill bo woo toduocassful revolt putsin tho hands of thoitary trluavlrato rnads up of inouKbent military officers, for "that wouldatter of ohanglng costs." He also spooulatod on the Z. ovornsont'c portion with reference to c'l-tions?xat in Suataratla. oldhat aa far as rooopiitian iaouldrotoll the action of njv aarsi-aaoat. 'Jithought that firstaao firstoving connuniats fras powar was the first cor.3lderation-

In discuaoing tho activitiesxllort studooto in noncta-aa, hothe nars of Honduras' Ambassador to Ouatenmla, Lie* "ctavio PCKOX. He said none of hie ggOSSj trj: tadaa racier sndbelieved that tho latter vas actually in the employ of tho Ouatscmlsn uovernaEvrt. Hethere is just too such coney in evidence, aad tho 'nbaeaador doss notary crest personal

fibon dlaousainr the "alana affair, tha oouroe told rc that Mo group had just lssmod lanned escape (Deoonber Jl) from the Salaam Jail by sons of the prisoners. Be said that sinoo they had not deviously been advissd of the plan, they suspected that Ocvonrgnt plants hadand in the plot la order to sake tho prisoners floe so thatld either bs shot while escaping or be permitted to eo into exile. The souroe said that the sister of one oi* tho prisoners, Uorlo SAVDOVAL, had been sent immediatelylama to warn her brotlierompanions not to attempt the break*


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