Created: 1/7/1954

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loureraetlonaat Station Lincoln on

5ba nndersLgneo: vas givtu. to understand that

baa not bean fully satisfied with tba amount and type of auppon. mr-nlahed by Headquarters, to data, for Projoct PBSOCCESS, and lnfor Station Lincoln. Station Lincoln la, according to [_

be headquarter* for PBSOCCESS field operations, and, asm cflief of Station Lincoln ls directly responsible to thehrough Mr. Wlaner, for all aspeete of tba Project.

ln elaborating on tha shortcomings ofana coo ruination to date, atated.that tha project badproportions and oust ba coordinated with such highii nl dspextaanta (ouch as State and Defense) that itnecessary to consider PBSOCCESS aa an ore rail Agencythan aaHD project, hence project requlreneote

in terns of personnel, natariel, liaison, etc. need not beWED assets. For exaaple,mentioned that ba require*,

enior FI Operations onleer, and at least twoclerk -typist* at Station Lincoln. At least on* of themost be fluent In Spanish.Iso obtain

this personnel fron any part of tba agency.the

understated that Mr. wlaner had "taken Over"n order to ensure that tba project will receive tbe proper support and coordination coanaennurute with th* top priority accorded this project by the Director.

3-wa* foxthar perturbed by the fact that the under-

signed bad not yet begun Integration into Stat* and that,carpartnr* for tba field vouli be atata oat* aahamper tha conduct of certain phases of PBSOCCESS. able to baadqoartara

requesting thatof the undersigned be Initiated soonest.

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