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i Chief of Station, Guatema SUBJECT: PBSUCCESS



IN POj_ Lincoln ^

Letter of3 Addrossod to Ambassador John E. PEURIFOY


elf-explanatory letter addressed to Ambassador John E. PEURIFOY by an American citizen, formerF resident in Guatemala In which it lo alleged CUR President Jocobo AHBhNZ Guzmantrue believer of tho Soviet policies and politics." Neither the letter nor tho contents should be made available to any outside source.

The letter also refers to alleged conflicts involvingWIRTINEZ, head of the Departamonto AgrarioNacional?0RAZAN' SecrGtary to ARBENZ, and Carlos

PhuLECEH, Communist member of Congress.

The ultimate source l8 considered to be

somewhat unreliable. However, he is known to be friendlyARBENZ and possibly did attend an intimate dinner,Presidencia as related in the attached

t0 associated with Mrs. AREENZ in the cothn gin business known as. and to havo recently had trouble with aqraristaa on some of his landholdings.


Lettor as noted




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L. Trangeiri"




The Honorable John E, Peurifoy United States Ambassador to Guatemala Guatemala City Dear Sir:

The following information is to be considered confidential and in no case shall the source be compromised.

The source of this information

is known to you and may have or part of the

u6!fer' ^'information is of such importance and is so significanthall bear the risk of repition.

L. , is* or ra*herery close friend of the prdWdenl. Prior to his becoming president, they both played on the same polo team and were very close friends. Last week he and his wife were guests at the presidents for dinner. They were the only guests. Following dinner, the two men talked until two o'clock in the morning, ihe most important fact brought out in the meeting was that apparently, there is no longer any doubt that the president

f the Soviet Policies and politics. He"believes^tureGuatemala will be guided b the Rusaian 8tar- He

n Rraa"f Z* ^ iUPC8 8ll0HinS -Hat wonderful conditions existed in Russia he stated that the Soviet Union was building wonderful houses for the workers and the workers had all theat they eoula possibly use. he believes that the workers aro very

lot- He brouslit out drawings, not

pictures and insisted that these factories actually existed. vi^it of the Russian commercialLI He ?tRted thfltussSa" offired

the?IT t ananafaton. He admitted that they had no boats to transport them to Russia.

av. .fj aPPfai's that tho above will remove any doubt that has

itaetTOlly ls toe President's ideas and to

way he is heaaing.

Additional infonr.ation from the same scource:

hesitate to shoot him.

rYanclsco Morazan, secretary to the President and one of the party that shot Arana, alsoery heated argument over Pollecer as his farm had just been invaded due to the encouragement and activities on the Pacific Coast. He also threaten to shoot him if he did not desist In encouraging tho Invading of the farms.

Pellecer has boasted that the entire Pacific coast will be Invaded

ons of arms has beenavo landed in El Salvador. They were delivered to the Guateraaltecos in exile thorc. This cjroupe is reported to be quite strong and Is in close llasontrong group in Honduras.

The above is supposed to be known tc the army here and the talk ls that if anyono is going to overthrow the government, they ha better do it here and get the control rather than permit the exiles to do it.

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