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Attached brwIU arcpecific XDMRS tasks for jour priority dorelopaant aa indicated in each instance.

The synbols asalgned each teak will ba used far tbe duration of thla project ln all cable or diepatob referenoea disregarding previously assigned eryptonyme or project outlinea. They will also be used inpna- monthly accounting suemary for thla projeot.

Tbe attaohad le forwarded for purpoaea of general guidance and operational authority. Further and acre specific detaila will be provided, task by teak, as tha altuatlon develops and is warranted.

A "Weekly DJTIRE Operational Report" la to be subndttedC0LH, copy to ueadquartera, which will reflect progreaa and effort upended ln the derelopeant of each teak. Tbls report will be valuable to Project Headquarters tc determine the altuatlon in tbe fieldeekly basis. Tor your information,eadquarters ia obligated tc provide an eseeesaent of operational progreaa for higher echelons on or about. onUcnlnted that thla essessnent will be prepared froa tbe above weakly reports and other data received during the period thus relieving the Held of further special reporting at that tine.

of provldl riy CI or pro-

toctivo intelligence for lOHOTK/RDC LDB operations in & It la Important that thla Projeot headquarters be kept fully inforned of ell devalopaiente in your area of responsibility which bave bearing on those sensitive operations whether Camnunlat, official or other sources. In addition, it ia lnounbent upon you to provide secure out-outs foreans of communication between these isolated operatlona and this Headquarters.

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Dirai Tasks, PBSOCCKSS

any operational activityDTXRX nature union ls not provided for in tha attaohad Hat or that you vould reoooaand for approvalpecific task in tha future, ahould be fonrsrded by cablelailar Banner, indicating your ea tlaa ted oostoothly baals. Op on approval by this Projectpeciflo syahel vould ba asalgned for identification and accounting purpceae.

Tbe estimated coat indioated ln tha attached Hot of tasks le for theanuary





. Based


o exploit penetration of OP to provide coverageactivities inin order to protect IOHCCX

Operatlona in thia country.

Estimated coati

Identity -Governaent

Reaponalbla Officer -

- To deralop and exploit all acurcea within th*

Governaent la order to provide protective coverage of EHOOX Operations in thia oountry.

Ea tlaa ted costi

o beut-outs forOfficer -

o develop suitable and secure out-outs asestabllahlng and MintAinlng contact with BJHOOKoperations in

Estimated coeti


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