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PERSONS PRESENT 1 Colo. King, C essrs.



c eported on his Meeting of CaUtgorle at the airport and tho subseqi Calli^-irifl- C meting. So also reportod that the take on the tape ia OK and the first tape ahoold be available The tape will bo played on tha recorder which is to be brought into thef floe for thia purpose.

2. eported on hia trip to Bqa.

material waa piling up in Washington indhe did not know where to send it. This has been convcua anashould start coning in now.

Dept. Material will go to Eater lino and then to Lincoln. of material from State for Linooln vas located.

tapes of Guateeala prograns were roquostediewthen in the future and dubbing in of voices to suitC. T3 raised tha question of loss of fidelity Inaaes ln tne site whore program originated.

Tip Procurenant of So. Anarioan newspaper halted in Bqs. Can be dons otherwise.

E. ArrangQswntB were made so that flappings made by Hqa. oan be oollecte< and nailed daily directly to Lincoln. This service has been nost lrregulai in tha past.

P. his question vas discussed with 0 Ao was under th* Inpression that Manuals had been provided Station Lincoln. Since this ic not the case, C Bao inforaed and requested to furnish Manuals.

Col. King lnf one tl C hat he la authorized to Maintain his fundwhenever the fura falls below that sua he should requisition nor'

'"Col. King wants to know what funds ere needed in field stations, stating that h<

preferred to be on the liberal side eo far as funds are concerned for the field



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