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Chief of Station, Cuatemala City

Chief of Irojeot, IBSDCCKSS

Operational Kattoro BJFIRE Tasks, HJSDCCESS

herewith are) specific EffTRK tasks fordevelopment aa Indicated in aach instance.

aymbola aaaigned each teak will be used for thethis project ln all cable or dispatch referencesassigned cryptonyme or project outlines. They willused ln your monthly accounting summary for this project.

3# Tbe attached is forwarded for purposes of general guidance and operational authority. Further and more specific details will be provided, task by task, as tbo situation develops and is warranted.

I.weekly KDTTRB Operational Report" ia to be submitted to LISCOIM, copy to Beadquartors, which will reflect progress and effort expended in the development of each task. This report will be valuable to Project Headquarters to determine the situation in the fieldeekly basis. For your InformaUon, this Headquarters is obligated to provide an assessment of operational progress for higher echelons on or about It ia contemplated that this assessment will be prepared froa the above weekly reports and other data received during the period thus relieving the field of further special reporting at that time.

5. pecial "Psychological Intelligence) Directive' willorded soon for your guidance. During the current stage of operations all aUFlKS operations should probe for potential resistance agents or defectors in place but take no action in this direction other than to firm up the prospective agent as much as possibleontrolpecial directive will be forwarded on thia subject which will provide guidance as to the timing and manner of converting the potential defeotor or resistance agent into an active status.

C/S, Guateaala City



Any operational activityUFIRE nature vhloh la not proTldad for In tha attaohad Hat or that you vould raooanaail for approvalpaolfla task in tba futara, ahould ba forwarded by oablalsdlar tanner.- eatlvated cootonthly basis. Upon approval by thi* Projactpaeifio eyxbol would be aeelgned for Identification and aooounting purpoaaa.

Tbe eetiamted oeet lndloatad ln tba attaohad llat of tasks la for theanuary.

Taskshru3 PE-)

Sate3 DiHtritoittoni

Guatemala City

- VaahinfftonIdooolu




Based Id Quateoalsi

SCOHSOfl Project

Responsible, Ooateaale, City

o exploit oapaMlltiaa of tola project to provide payoh/lotelllgeBOai coverage of target] (e) govornmot

offlclalai (b) high level Military officials! (e) pro-gupcftltlflol groopa and (d) to develop contacts vithin Ccaramiat circlesi To probe ell contacts for potential reels tanoe cadre leaden.

Ea tlaa tad ooeti O


SCaow .

fioaptnaible, 0oataa*la City


o aoueeuU ate Ma efferta within high level tirojeHeje^ cirolee and Craaamlat hierarchy In order to provide peytn/lntalligenoe.

Ee tinted ooeti O

identitf -

Eeejmelble, OnatesBOa City

ves only


Rosponolbl* Of, Guatemala City

o develop both agent aad hia brother to provide poych/taotloBl Intelligence coverage of target arayj to do vol opsnil-CP amy offloere to serve in realstancehln the Aray.

Eatlwted eocti



ResponslblB, ftiatsssrta City

o develop agent to utilise peat ilsndesllra) training to organise Information net onong nsrfpultaral circles, in order te provide nsrch/intelllpioee from this strata* toloaantad wi th eocnosdc lntaUlgeooa within hiso determine details regarding OP pera-adlltary preparation- vital do ofIi city.

kstlmotod oooii



Responsible, OattawOa City

o establish contactat-eat to develop agent to provide Intelligence oovaraga of Pariahssn Legion end other CP paia solitary tuepiiatliio in target area.

Ea tlaa tod ceeti


Respanslbla OfficerC/B, Quatsmala City

Mia aionTo dovelop these contaets to oooosutrate en tho dofeotloo of Col. Artnro mmUW,aptain cf Onata-aala City airport, to eena la roalslarrm groopi to exploit relationatip to provide

lattsated coat j

CVCO nuiv


Identity -

Responsible, Gustewla City

o oeqolTc operational control over subject through eeeare cot-oat, developing bio. to exploit CP labor contacto ln order to provide ps/oh/lntelllgencef todotallo Of CP pnrr-n'ory prepnrotlono within Labor groopej^';

Estimated ooott O


OoatoaeOa City

o^Viajlopto serve as principal agent andto handle covert agente.

EattaHtad awti

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