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Officer delanthe "TO"h commenttin* ahould bo dram acreei theel and each common! numbered lo corretpond -ilh tho number in tho 'TO" column. Each officer thowid initial (chock mark ilttuffcioAt) before further routing. Thii Routing end Record Sheet ahould be returned lo Regniry.





with RUFUS and



A meeting was held inn'Jli00 onanuary with RUFUS and resent for theiod was GAL BOND and present for part of the period was MYLKi:S.

The discussion began with emphasis on the importance of the forthcoming OAS Conference in Caracas and the need for further detailed and documented material to be used in building up the case against WSBURNT. RUFUS waseadline ofebruary for the material to be delivered to the group. Pablo, scheduled to arrive the evening ofanuary, ls bringing with him specific material which my be used for the OAS Conference air! also for charges against WSBURNT in the UN. RUFUS is agreeable to tho presentation

of the UN material either by his group or through any channel we care to indicate.

to Perez Jimenez, Trujillo ond possibly other heads ofthe Caribbean.

doos not wish to visitJIK-JHEZ unless he hasof success. He has never been to Caracas; he does PSREZ JIKENKZ and would not like to go there and cooland return with empty hands. Beforeecisionconsult by phone, talkingre-arranged code, with h0 Has the official guestHEZ JIKSUiZ botvoendatendanujjy and who discussed aid toaid is forthcoming, RUFUS believes it will be in the form ofthe purchase or planes. 'Ihe estimated amount

The string PiJLSZ JIHaKISZ would probably attacfl to this moneyromise to support action against FIGUSRtlS of Costa Rica subsequent to the establishmentew government in WSBURNT.

ambassador to Honduras is returning toavorable report to the Generalissimo on HM'US. of the aid which he might obtain, RUFUS believesost opportune time to re-approach TRUJILLO, He isTRUJILLO would impose unacceptable conditions. Thesegiveertain amount of political control over WSBURNT.

C Although BATISTA might be inisit to him at this tine would be useless because he is seeking, rath-jr than giving, aid. BATISTA is much concerned about the plots against him.

D. llo other countries were discussed.

li. New approachestablishmentlandestine radio Station;

altarnatives. RUMJSTJSulrtike to see KI33LIWG in or-^pr to obtainto use ew request for permission to establishradio ststSon. ^re is doubtful of the success of tMs Jfelearly stated tJiat he did not wish to open himself tomTgnt idxLow from the discovery oftation in view of

commitments he has already cade,


v';ii tolandestine radio station in his country. in addition to the overt station now used by the group in exile formild said that this naw station, sincebe clandestine, could be more aggressive and direct and use names,

Recent arrests in WSBURNT. These are serious but not irreparable. The greatest loss isRUFUS expressed confidence thatC ould not disclose his icnowieage of their plans even under torture because they had previously workedubstitute plan to be disclosed in justase. The blame would be put on YDIGORAS FUtMES. Need for increased security was stressed. Both RUFUS andt ade the statement that they and they ONLY would be aware of the entire plan and that RUFUS* lieutenants would be informedtrictly need-to-know basis. When the nameRZAK0 was mentioned, it did notell, NeitherUJ;RbZ SOLOHZANO. There waa no discussion of details on replacements for those who were arrested. This should be explored by MYLPLiiS. The DELGADO, recently reportedable from WSBURNT as working for the government of that country, was interrogated by RUFUS just prior to RUFUS8 departure and subsequent to the report of his. DtlLGADO was awara of the charges against him, stated that they were false and for the purpose of separating him froa RUFUS and that he wouldhorough investigation of his case. He submitted toetailed account, in writing, which was shown to QALBOND. RUFUS said that account is sufficiently clear tohorough investigation and that he has an open mind about DELGADO. This is the same DELGADO whoorced landing in Cuba several months ago.

Finances. There was no discussion on finances except at the very end of the meeting RUFUS broughtarge manila envelop filled with receipts which he wanted to show to GALBOHD. This was left for the following meeting.

Timing of the movement. GAjJ&ND stated that at leastays would be required to obtain delivery of soma of the essential arms andurther period of weeks would be needed to get those arms in the hands of the users. This was accepted without debate by RUFUS. RUFUS likewise agreed to the necessity of training of commo teams and sabotage squads and that this necessarily took time. RUFUS emphasized the need for careful selection of the corato men and said he would rather have ten(lO) of unquestioned loyalty

thanf doubtful loyalty. This waa Uie reason, he said, for delay in getting the number asked for. Howevor, he expected to fill the quota. He is trying to get men witn suns previous training. There is no question In the minds of either RUFUS oi C hat the earliest day for action mat ho subsequent to tho OAS Conference

6. Arms requirements. Tho list of arms and munitions prepared yesterday was left with RUFUS for study and comment at the second meeting. He thought the quantity of rifles indicated was adequate, as well as machine guns and mortars. He saidew flaw throwers might bo worthwhile for their psychological effect, if nothing

Ouatemala City military garrison. are approximatelybetween tha Palace Guard and the two regiments stationed in These were roughly broken down into three groups:

A. ympathizers to RUFUS;

H, n the fence who, through psychological warfare andctivities might be brought to the RUi'TiS side; and

C, upporters of the KStfJRXT government. This group consists of approximatelyonamists andho for other reasons areWSbURlJT, Some of those latter were involved in claims against RUFUS' asajoifltas and would never como over to his aldo because of foor of reprisals when he is victorious.

Roberto. kelther cor BffCS believef.'A is anyroblem to them in the field. It was explained that he la still capable of doing some damage to their cause in this country by his chnrgos against them which reach high levels ln. government and that thorofore it would strengthen their position if he could be brought into line. RUFUS said that he know him well enough and thought that theirwere not too strained toirect approach if we approved. The danger of such an approach was pointed out and suggestion of ALFOnSOossible liaison was mentioned. This should be explored further during RU.-TIS' stay here.

TDIOORAS FUENTES. Although this person seems to have come more in line and has lost support, he continues to spread false charges against HLFl'S and cannot be trusted.

y. ARcSAS and OCAjjA. OCAtt is constantly attesting to communicate in hopes of persuading


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