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und meeting of th RUFDS and ^following receipt of inforsiation onssued by the (juatexalan

the document to RUST'S and translated saae for/" Neither secmca schockod by its contents.

asked RUFUSt In relation to the information me had, had he received any correspondence front Guateaala'on the trip he was alleged to have passed(uhe" boing DELGADO) . JJPUS did receive documents on this trip. No reports on station TGW specifically or any otber radio station.

R0PUS Mid ho had known jmrnvm* this about DELGADO and vas very surprised. When he saw DSLOADO be had disdained the accusations; said thay weren't true; DjOOAUO did not want to be fingerprinted.

report to rotos on the

cn he had made. umaj-sod twiceourier between SB3JIMUPUS, onco going by commercial air and once in the light plane. He went directly from Managua to Guatemala City and back. DELGADO is probably in Panama now, Mmm* giving RUFUS time tc siake an investigation of him,

DELGADO oarried from SEQUIN to RUFUSew letters and brought reports. Ho also had documents when ho came to theeport fron CIRO, propaganda material.

asntioned that photostats of DtLilADO's documents were easily

obtaiimiuin Cuba and could likewise havo been obtained by tho Coanies. Cubans retained one paper, alleged toeceipt fron the CP for funds.

c JsKed: What didknow about the operations? Anavort Heverything. What doesn't he know? Does not know specific details of the military plan. He does know PABLO, all training sites{he helped choose the trainingid photo roconnaisance, knows what the sites are for. (

t was very unlikely that he knew Uie man sent there since all wem- in ps*udo and arrived recently.

's true nane

fflj^JS claim DOSADO aid notBLO/tiu-ough any documnt ha carried for BDF78, lt ls possible, however,hc nay have handled PABLO'S passport in order tc got his documentation arranged.

0 and DEU3AD0 used the same pilot In the Cessna.n the trip to Guatemala.

RUFUS never uaed any true name of PABLO on any documents and he himselfariety of pesudos. Never signed any correspondence exceptypewriter; therefore no signatures on any documents he did write.

f| 3lsfcceo> when RUFUS first became aware of the accusations against Ont of the month hoeportIs a

source of ours) to the effect that DELGADO had talkea to tnree peoplemjmmpri, Spcy to tn* President; MARTIKEZ andDELGADO handed Tver toap which had been .sent to RUFUS. aand another letter

he hadn't been told of this. RBFUS said he heard

mnn^ wtings and since he though vory hi^ily of DEUJADO, thought it lmpossibl-

This report referred to above could be the same as the NOVELLA report.

a laM7*r* Quiet man, in chargeRUFUS.)

CJJ asked RUFUS win had used DEUJADO's house. aTBBgPH PABLO hadtew days but no longer did.


He said there would be

noORAS FUEMTES could Ute the full blame. Thatosbioility since he couldn't help them much at this point. RUFUS then saic this mightlot of theirs becauseuatemalan source had cone into the Foreign Minister's office in El Salvador and said somethingto be done about the Ouat oxiles there and he was told that "steps were being taken" to intimidate them in the various countries of refugo.

Rufus and C ot of tois came from the tortures of recent captives,- *" 3

We pointed out that this was too carefully planned. They said that possibly the torture ^jand several others might have been the thing that the government wantea. arge part of this White paper was obtain by brutality, then they could point out that this was obtained by torture.

SWlIN tcld the Ambassador of El Salvador, who took him for aanctuary,ource in tlw falace had seen DELGADO turnover.

Another counter-acting tactic they suggested would be the desperatethe part of tho Ouat Commies to stir up animosity before the OASdesperate effort to enlist aid for their cause. This White Paper willbasis of theirmeeting soon.


of any support to gat out to Guatsm.1, El

Salvador and Hmjcos bulletin by them. Bulletin should be done in otaL

ml, or londurastCEuAGE group). Use radio and

Cne would liko to see the documsnts. Thoy feel that they can do

(Here the comment waa made that reception on radio was good)

KUFUS and/T 3said they could'.not understand why, if they reallv had the stuff, they did publish it at this time. RUPUS 5/ his would

ST tiBKUMfi8idWt theympact of what was said toooutages of the ahilTlJJL.



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