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TAb falla-ias general plan rans^raatfa eone of theadio be ffciMnrai aitfe as ope rat loo. although t' a* aaad in tha preset aitaartlon, It la offeredaa/atlea, aad ta tfea hope that theeaae una lathe

htf BaSfs*s thatla-jr' houltt'be reaeeottoaariouo phasesjfca operationuKEas ssae naJaanraSaV ooti attaant onboth'eo#

li. Advance pUnntng improves tha affectiveDoss of th* various oedia. It per* lta thaa to maka concerted attacks on specifictag rmria treatfjocta of the name thenes and thaa contributing to the total effective of tne -tuck.


They ahould aaa ideological and political propaganda tog U firpoae Ccmmunlat fallaoles In theory and fallares In prootlc*'

B. Bet up In plaoe of Ccnwuniat Ideology ideals of consistent vlth western deeworaoy and heal based on freed Ctt, Justice, political dCstooraoy. tivi floverntaant*

clflc3 in tonneolitical platfora andn goveiTOtttnf policy ahould be Ratters of high policy deolelonaong highest ranking officials of the division, tha government,osed lnUrla government of tba target

In view of the general polit tbe target, Jf tho Over-all' objective

A. To unite the country infriendly to ua,

To assure cooperation threat to thla tcalsphore

o treaKfiilllxa

efinite future'


,. U, The>rx>sdoaBt8 should give theovement on the1 part of the people presentr^^sf:

The broadcasts should conceal, insofar as nation In the operation


any drostlo and revolutionary change


To discredit the target at hose sad abroad

To eocoarage censure of the region within thed ln adjacent countries'


roadaaats exposing alas andf int

national Coaaamlsn and Identifyingjhen withlms and practice* of (be target'- ^Jtnnwit^i

jt^ffi&tf Si-ft

o arrouss opposition to the reglae asong specroups within the targetiVarar.rkera, business


;* B. Identifying^ off the.

o unify end conao within the target

o rally then in

7 erment -f' .

ntensifying attacks, on cannon. personalities and

dentifying such


roadcasts exposing practiceshich would be especially" repugnantj.tdtMa tha target


Sorae straight news oaa bo used also to pro vide authenticityinterest. Care should be taken In usingto avoid violation of


the Dovolopaent of tha Cowwonlat aovenont in

t To be used In the preparation of advance prograaa.


Material on non-Conasiniflt Ouateaalteoan

of past andV

o beused In the preparation of pro grans for. phase

fi -

Material, legends^.and recorded Ouateealteoan eosto

*o be used .is "filler" notarial, ifcen for/.anyt Is necessary to slack off on attacks,ish

eep the. station on theli^jh.-*

CuallT ications:

Previous experience In technical problems of setting op. tasting and repairing equlpaent; experience In the techniques of transmitting and receiving]ln tho taping, splicing and general recording problems, elimination of interference! understanding apokon Spanish.

Writers and Announcers

Four with professional experience In radio writing and announcing! nationals of target country. One person should be completely bl-llngual with ability toto Span lent others should be able to read English enough to follow directions

The above plan is limited by lack of knowledge of th* over-all operational plans and ls therefore stated only in general terns.

Because of tha power of our transmitter, it should b* recognised that thereossibility of lta being located andither by Interference, Jamming, or other neons*

Tn view of this fact, nobility of tha transmitter would be desirable, but would probably also be difficult because of th* nature of the terrain.

In view of the possibility of silencing thaln the operation, we should not hit the air with everything wethe beginning and risk being off the air in the mere critical phasestha

' Since tbe great majority of the nan-Ccmmnn 1stwithin tbe target ls virtually without political experience, and sine* we wish to avoid bloodshed and violence, perhaps tha main objective tC be achieved by use of both radio and pre as Is flra and united support for th* new interim government, ln order to aseriod of stability within th* country.

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