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Chief, Western heMiephere


perattonal Contact Baport 18

Enclosed for roar inforsstion and retentioningle copy of LDCOLE Contact Baport





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OOV-ia -JSED: None

PERSO'S PRESSNTi Hr. Barnes, IJKing and C DMasass.^C


1* Main pointa of discussion centered on the briefing efk. Discussion mi carried on chiefly by tbe threewere in actual contact with hlatt J

2. 3DrouEbt Col. King up to data re RUFUS, about tha Oentle sen's Agreement ueween the Junta and the Croup. There waa no disagreement on the points in the agreement but they< RUFUS and Jfelt that there ahould be eons nsntion of tha tine elorsant in the agreement.

Reain dlecuaalon cantered oo targets, asdla to be used,be used both bare and there and the problem of the radio. Station abeen prosoLaed ina general

wiioriend of IhWtB*tnateo it Jand

discuss puttlnp the radio on an isolateda thought tnat tneyit in effeotays prior to the effective date but that would notbe effective. Security was stressed aa well as professional abilitystaff personnel.that therimary target

for propaganda and lt was suggested that one newspaper be devoted to aray details, either wholly on in part.


Problea ofaa discussed. The^ ^payaent taken down by Seokford waa never received by hia. Ue has proaneeo to breakdown expensoaj had provided 3rtth Deceaher receipts and he has than hiasalf for January. We will pay through our ssoure facilities next month. New nothod of peysent should strengthen our oontrol over tho wholh situation.

RUFUS will beian if thia thinguccess, f ^evidently wants it that wayj his attitude with RUFUS Is that of an eloeran counselling. RUFUSedicated aam. RUFUS has doisbe returned to ua after hie arrival In Honduras. L ^wants to.

OCANA callec c Jhoan ltwantocf go to

Washington.[_ fiad situation wi. RUFUS says ASCUAS has been removed from tne directory of Wajthll was prior to his departure fro* thin?1



interposed that RUF'JS and ARaNAS have baan life-long friends.

Ali-.hjio xo riot-headed, ambitious, anti-coisnunist. RUFUS doesn't know OCANA.

Jwn brought up the main points that lie discussed with RUFUS

wuicfie fly ones which they had failed to put orer to RUFUS through Seekford.

Different points were taken upatter of briefing. Main point waa changing tactics to infiltration type entry. Agreesnnt was reached on each separate target and this waa gene into in detail. Importance of getting the control of all major targets waa stressed. We mat have control of Ouatemala

City before going on.

Airhay stressed psychological advantage of having aircraft ln the air. Wa left with tbea the idea that we welooaod an air show on the day fro- anyd- Interest. They wantpplsnss though they have given up tha idea of uaing bo

Idea of oompartwntation waa thorough! discussed. Wa will workeparate staging sites and only RUFUS and his lamed into staff will have

the complete picture.

Subject of ooaraunlcationss was brought up. The first requirement laid on for fulflllawit on hia return waa to acquires and have them moved to Nicaragua. Weow who bave experience. ill require training period$ months for wan with experience.

RUFUS doesn't know actualtails of personnel ln Ouatemala.

MeUiode of re-supply were discussed. We nowirmed up list of supplies needed.

Sabotage training, leadership training were discussed. PIVALL ia here now end should be ready to return about Thursday.

RUFUS is to turn over biographic data on his personnel to PIVALL after letter's return so that he can clear them. HeUFUS is) looking to us for the detailed planning.

Expenses were itemised! P or the running ofraining oaspaif" or the month of February. RUF'JS will provide estimate for Kerch Shabruary.

U. C en discussed hia contacta nd RLTIS. He got across tnio idea that there waa organised, coordinated effort behind him.

Intolliirenco and security worn discussed, stress being laid onwas enlightened asrelation to the group and will oooporato

with hia.

Ha was advised that wo need true naima of sources so wo canverify with other sources. Channels of coiiraxn lost ions need toand re-checked. Problem of courier routes was discussed. that the flles(in hln homewouldonths to go

through, even if the personot**of Spanlshj thay are atopen to the group. Heard fileCone general, one with naaosknown Communists and agente, one of anU-Coamhlsts). He has copiescards wnicn he will givesend lo us. Ha was told that

woecure eeans of coarainloavionoocrxinl eating

with us and)ur courier arrived feyesterday.).

Of his own volition, no suggested that we get shorts? lines of communication.

Previous conditioning of these men through discussions by then with C 3Mt tno Bt*eo so that by loading upubject, they automatically earn wo on so that the decisions appeared to/their own ideas.

s were discussed in detail. Intelligence nets contacts brought up In line with security. HUFUS knows the practical even though he Is not always faailiar with the theories froa the book. Dead-dropourier will locate lt for bothnd tho intelllence net.

se was discussed. There io censorship in Guatoaela but with any mediumystem the Guatemalans oouldn't detect it.

Use of camera with agent. Seemd to see no problem in getting the film acroaa. He realized fully that Don Wcardo needed these films for his planning.

NecessityE aoction under intelligence staff was brought upj it is needed to continuously check cut-outs, couriers. He now has an outlineroup for this purpose. Compartmentatlon was brought up in different aspect

Subject of DSLGADO was brought up. He said holDolgado)ne or our biggest problems at the prsssnt time as he knows everything in general pattern. HUFUS felt that thoy muat get DELOADO in their control ea soon as possible He feela that thisne-.yme sell-out, that Delgado had not boon working for thom before.

Subject of poligraphlng waa raisederd to Delgado interrogation. Jxiggoated that perhaps the poligraph should be set up for the CS auojecte. RUFUS then volunteered to be the flrat onen lt so that the rest of the staff would take It. This Delgado doal showed the needoligraph. He is anxious to bring him back and use the machine on him.


PoMAlbilitiea of another penotration on hla own/ataff was brought up.

He thinks that the channel used In obtaining Delgado's serrices saythrougrimport-export man, close friend of

Delgado, whoxose mend of the Ambassador froa Costa Rloa toArgentina, who ls in Tegucigalpa, might be another poanihii'. v

He IHUi'.-o) has hoardbeenlink for Communists getting"

money from Honduras to Queue*

Del,;ado is one of RUFUS' Immediate problems,that

is also going to Costa Rloa. Beare other

yt ouujtm u. oe mat with. ot andecurj.v/ problem. know more than Delgaoo oecause he knows personalities Involvedhouse ln Guatemala City was previously usedeetli

place by the rttvoiutionnry group, war maps were there, oto. The factmentioned thatfj" jjjould be bought by thehlghcat bidder. Therepossibilitiesif ba lsS ol titan, cancel his

passport and get him uutuateaala orfferucrative Job in ths US and get him back here. Another alternative was that he be called tfor an Important meeting and his passport be picked up then.

Ia chronic drunk and needs to be quieted.

Facte Delgado knew but whicheen publicised yet aret Hasans as he was coming to Klamt: tripe to Panama fortrip thatabout JZfco Tegucigalpa to Nicaragua

to apeak wltfifj" "Tuelgado introduced ihamj. rip

to El Salvudorand called on the presen

Do lr ado0 Venezuela to buyC

^said he wouldpecial envoy to ui

Duuuiv xw doi^ held prisoner by Soraoza and has been held for theonths. BUFUS had received Information that BOM HO still had family members in Guatemala, was discouraged with the whole thing and planned to return to Guateaala and reveal a'l bs knew to the Coamunlst governasnt in Guatemala. Delgado flew BOUKC to Nicaragua and Soaosa Imprisoned him.

King aas interested in informationOUNDS, former Kin laDefense ofSalvador who is very cloeo to the preoldtmtethe acceptance by El Salvador of the National Defense pact.


Question of trying toJ oaae up. The Junta has two lawyers ln Guatemala who are rolng to attempt to3 sec what condition he le in and getforsutlon froa him and also try to obtain his release.

Pinanca situation was discussed. Wa currentlyalance oi"CL

to the good. Wo will need Tbefore the end of February. Budgetais-ion was followedreaaoown. It was suggested that RUFUS'givenend JCK approved this. Disbursements must

be aade ln RUFUS* so specific funds have been sot up for each statior yetj only February budget has been catablis hod. It was suggested that an arbitrary figure be established and thaWo rjraxa reserve fund be supplied er

ed and

station which would bo available for uaa only after cabled approvalfor release of tbe funds.bo set upeserve fund

with perhaps more to Guatemalaho felt that

once over what is expected lobe uw aonttiiyure shouldood figure to use for settingeserve. PP and PI agreed that ono south'* working reserve should be provided the stations and this would cover any gaps that might occur in getting funda to the stations as has happened in the past.

dCK orally authorized transfer of funds froa one task to another as required.

Resume of tasks to be oompletcd was made

heating adjourned at Ul20.

8 Fob. SU


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