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UCCESS, for the


A. The following events of operational interest occurred during the reporting period*

were fireed up for on aerial reconnaisanee off Santaweek of If results of thesatisfactory, lnoodlate steps will be taken tosite.

neetinp we held with nenbere of the Staff 1ft February

to discus


reservations re thleion xnovnO through

and Indicated that he would consider the rotter onlyirm plan hadou>fflltted for consideration.

has roTuarted thnt lan lndicntinc the conditions under which they vill aece-tco-rot^ion. Turing the wee* sone indication was noted tV-ai thore Central Anerlcfin countrlorhe effortr of the Jtufus proup may be chanrlnp their nopittonis the ?ufus effort. Vhethar this is due to any recent 'ievelornpntp in tho field or to the imrendlng GAS Conference cannot be determined at this


tloo. It say well be that these couctrlos ore sufferingease of pro-conference Jittore ond that they preferinlaum Id their respective countriesConference Isto New York the weekend ofebruary to

enlist the support of certain powerful business organisations In de-ecapbaslslng the current crisis ln the coffee market. It Is anticipated that action re thia matter will be forth-coning either through the Pnlted Statoe Chamber of Coommroe or tbe National Association of Manufacturers the week of

5. Information was brought t light during the weekeries of seven slightly psranhrased cables were mode available to President Somosa by Alfredo Vheolock,

landlord In Managua none time prior tobooquant investigation has revealed tlist Jorgeuetenolan agent, aleo had aceesR to these documents during tho Although it lo not known that he oav or photographed thoee documents, It hog boon assumed by WHO that the Guatemalan Government nay bo Inof the information contained in these cables, findy nay uae this Information at thr coming: Caracas

ft, llnooln and Ifeadouortoro have continued to workrarsnda items to be used prior to end during the OAS Conference. Complete agroomorrt on the slant to bo given the material bos

not boon achieved bat lt lo anticipated that tho natter will be resolved

n. Arb^rWlT?.

first flight from Boadqnartors carryingto FJHOPEFTJL baa beea arranged for tho latterthe week of.

difficulty was encountered during the weekn arranging for tho receipt ofbeing delivered fron abroad aad ln arrangingtransportation and receipt of ilnUnr typelocated In the Free Zone, Port of Bow Tork, io belag rooolved withf tho Officeaod Security.

nbad'junrtcrr Adnlnietrative Offloor for

PBFUCCESS, ro-oponnd the robjoct of ro-lnstatlnccourier trip through Control America, he hoeoottor with Liaison Control, III,

of Positive action ro thla

ewtter Is expected tho week ofebruary Similar action vac token re the estab1 lehnent of anpooch syrtoa (arterial cleaeified CCKFIDEI.'TIALwith" Jthat he would

dlocnoe the awtterthat we would

bo adviaed as to the rooults of thie diaeosaion.


A. Plane forabor force to FJHOFEFTT, to nrooooa notorial

wore finalised during the weak. The force cone late of nine men being drawn from the Office of Logistics and the Staff. These people will depart toadquarters betweenebruaryarch TDY. 8, The Personnel Office has been requested toleared

Agency employee with pro-Agency experienceook-hauBekeoper for assi^nBont duty at Lincoln. This matter has been assigned high priority as tho early acquisitionarsonthose qualifications is essential to the Lincoln operation.

will depart Headquarters4 to participate


ln the reconnoisance of tho Santaoajfet.

troTol to Lincoln tho week ofto work with msabers of the Llnooln Staff onof the rgSDCCESS labor program.

addition of five persons toSIJCCESS Staff ln Headquarters


has been epnroved by Chief, VHD and Chief, Administration, Those people will assumo administrative duties re tho Project heretofore handled by tho WHD administrative staff.

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