Created: 2/23/1954

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t ia yourdJNC'B) doclslon. Eaterline ane'C Jagreod that hqs shoiuu navo had only aa ISfFO copy of that cable.

Nextho person discussed onEKF0RD) is rightwaatod him. The natter ofhaving left letters downwaa discussed. JE sold he planned to handle tho natterpersonally, and said they were getting something out on tbeat

Risked what JK's lnppe^aion of rooctlon of poople to thle lastinioand JE concurredjand JE aade the statement

that "tho big boy is completely behind you,"

f* ^mentioned that there is Utile wo can do besides clean up the record. Ho atueo if JCKlng hod been advised of this latest development. He was told that though JCK was not there he bad been advised. There is not much bo could do about lt now onynow.

Q. Jeaid ho bod another problemK wouldn't got thatt was an administrative problem and we would like to have early action taken on It Monday.

JE oald he was trying to^Informed.

juo3tionned o whether he hod gone over tha questions which had neon ralTOd in the poet about SBEKFORD so that they could be used for references JE uaid that by the tins thoy ore through, in aboutays, they won't have mianed anything.

Statement was made thatold buddy ln Nicaragua, the govei nor of Nloaragua had told nlo buddy to bo careful, that this sort of thing wouli happen and this Information was in that recording which was sent up.C *nsald ho would send this info along ln tho exact words so that there would be So mlolnterprstation.


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