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SUBJECTi olitical Action. IEiiATIC/ClLLIOi.HIST/ll

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le Dao to tba extrsns sensitivity of JJBILXST It was agreed be wwild art.tirdnsw froa all other undortakines exceptr,*nd that every effort aould bo nade to carer Mo actiTitles and divert attention fron his tnxa targets. Tina was Iwpllwnntod by tiwnoferrlng the ponotratian effort be vas engaged is to JOBATE and to buildingeint situation at Airstrip il Vhich would suggest other phases Quite different froa those actually belag engaged upon as veil as giving bin euboeouent protection vban those rather elaborate preparations vere not actually used.

. JuTflXIST knowseil and he has great conflconco innot only is uell-krovn to both CALLIOfcEIS and ERRATICo their respective uovsnsnts. JUBILIST-3as aijxwjraly tati-Ccacunlst of such proportlona that be hasIn thoascist. However, it is known he vas sufficientlyto enter and continue bis son lnla,eaate possibility ho night speculate on ths correct identityentity behind JOBTLIST as OOTOKE, it vas ooexed advisable froa aeocurlty aspect to alaply 1st hlahirdwho would actually imdortaVn negotlatlona and disraaslans, tin added valxw of usingafter brooking trail with an

unwitting Indigenous person. After Introduction and access throught vas connldOrod proper foro proceed cn hla own and report

*u anwltting and inoculation on Ma part can bo bettor controlled and guided.

3. JiraarsT essnebruaryndgreed to Introduceo ERRATIC. ndat0ndeotlng forith ERRATIC,obruary

It. JUoTLIST debriefed Jumnd reported as followsi

A. BATIC accepted bin as reprossnting an international group with powerful financial and political onsets*

I 3^

hoelTha"of hteto date. He maoe

enjoyed the eopport of

S indicate thte te correct.



.Amy Officers -mo are scoandrete

and naot be bousnt ior-IVto *

EHUTIC ateted hte sn^rtfthe following cteew. cense aa yet.

part ay tooand integrity.

the internal awrewmt.

the frontier near ODIJA leiara be vnaota mm ni*


F. EHlAfIC do tod with tour that he had an informant in the localsay uho assures hin all funds froa Guatemala are divided three ways between tho KUltary Attache, ths Consul, twA an unknown Mai that no paid informants are actually hired by it. lie further stated other Guatemalan agents are, liowever. run irootly froa Ouateaala.

valuated EEBdf fC aa alert, physically fit and sincere in ida opposition to ERBaTXC drore his own car to tho meeting placeunman aide at his side and one in the rear of the ear. roceeded to the neeting place alone. The meeting placeeserted con-atraction on the Tolcano road named "El- MXRADOir. It had excellent approaches from which observation was possible in all directions. The road itself haa little traffic^

conversations: will be resumed on the nomine of Monday,ebwill contacto aot the rredes tine and place. Itset that the ease place will be need and the time between


will proceed, as aeons most expedient in view ofto inquire*

A. Uhat ERlttTIC, himself, wante in the accomplioiawnt of his


hat actoal aaaeta ESS1TIC currently haa to support his

ERRATIC feels required to further end accomplish bin plani

EH fa TIC vieaaliaea aa aombers of hie provisionaland the position therein) and

he opinion EHUTIC holds of CALLICZHIS and hie reaction to aeffort with hi*.

... tiaBbw It willprorfmatolyays to achieve theoe inrfsdlate and limited objective* set forth above.

mw namei i1

^yebroaryP. &fcki, '


ashington - Uee

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